Is It Possible To Warm The Bladder With Cystitis

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Is It Possible To Warm The Bladder With Cystitis
Is It Possible To Warm The Bladder With Cystitis

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The disease of cystitis is very familiar mainly to women. At the first appearance of symptoms of this disease, you immediately want to be cured and alleviate your condition. The first thing that is usually recommended in such cases is to warm up, that is, to attach a heating pad.

Is it possible to warm the bladder with cystitis
Is it possible to warm the bladder with cystitis

Characteristics of the disease

Cystitis does not occur as a result of hypothermia, as people are often used to thinking, but is provoked by bacteria that penetrate through the urethra. Therefore, heating, as the main type of treatment, is not able to eliminate the cause of the disease. And in some cases, it can even provoke the rapid growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

It is recommended to warm the bladder with cystitis in order to relieve unpleasant symptoms: painful and uncomfortable sensations in the lower abdomen, burning of the genitals, frequent painful urges to urinate, which occurs in small portions.

Thermal procedures can be performed if there is no temperature or signs of infection ascending to the kidneys. To do this, it is better to choose dry heat - a salt or electric heating pad, and not a water one. You can carry out the procedure with calcined salt or sand, tightly wrapped in a cloth bag.

With cystitis, it is necessary to limit the consumption of bread and sweet pastries. Citrus juices, grapes, apples, bananas, mayonnaise, raisins, nuts and chocolate are not recommended. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

In chronic cystitis, heating is carried out as follows: split a red brick in half, keep both halves on fire so that they warm up as best as possible, then put them in an empty bucket. Cover the edges of the bucket with a dense cloth. They sit on the medicinal bucket while it emits heat. Then it is recommended to go to bed. This procedure is carried out at least three times.

At the time of severe pain cramps, you can take a warm shower or bath, and then warm your legs well before bed.

Warming up the horsetail by the grass has a positive effect. They put it in a canvas bag and apply it hot to the lower abdomen.

Contraindications for warming up with cystitis

Experts strongly advise against cystitis:

- take a very hot bath;

- take a steam bath or sauna;

- to warm up at the time of menstruation;

- to perform thermal procedures during pregnancy - this can provoke an abortion;

- warm up the bladder if there are traces of blood in the urine;

- eat sweet, salty foods and drink alcohol (including beer).

In the case when cystitis is hemorrhagic, various types of heating are strictly prohibited.

It is important to start timely treatment of cystitis in order to prevent its transition to a chronic form or the development of various tumors. To do this, you need to carefully monitor your health. It must be remembered that warming up is not a treatment, and it must be used in combination with taking antibiotics. The following drugs are recommended for the treatment of cystitis: "Kanefron", "Monural", "Nolitsin", "Cyston" "Furadonin".

Medicines must be drunk in full, and not stopped after the symptoms of the disease disappear. This elementary rule will allow you to avoid many difficult problems, prolong life and allow you to enjoy all its joys.

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