How To Relieve Exacerbation Of Psoriasis

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How To Relieve Exacerbation Of Psoriasis
How To Relieve Exacerbation Of Psoriasis
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Psoriasis is a disease that is accompanied by the systematic appearance of rashes and spots on different parts of the skin. To date, there is no single theory that would explain the causes of this disease, just as there is no treatment method. The only thing that can be done is to relieve the exacerbation.

How to relieve exacerbation of psoriasis
How to relieve exacerbation of psoriasis


  • - various sorbents of internal influence (Enterosgel, Smektu, Polysorb);
  • - preparations containing microflora bacteria (Linex, Bifidum, Bifikol or Normoflorin);
  • - antihistamines ("Ksezal", "Kestin", "Tavegil");
  • - sea salt or medicinal herbal teas;
  • - sedatives and sedatives (valerian tincture, peony tincture, motherwort tincture).


Step 1

The first step is to organize proper nutrition. You must completely rethink your diet. In the first three days of an exacerbation, try to eat light and simple food - bread, boiled unsalted meat and fish, boiled water.

Step 2

Engage in a complete detoxification of your body. Various sorbents of internal influence will help you with this. For this purpose, you can use Enterosgel, Smecta, Polysorb. Choose the drug that suits you and use it at least four times a day for ten days. After taking your medication and diet for three days, cleanse your colon. You can take a laxative or take an enema.

Step 3

Take the strain off your intestines and liver. To do this, you need to regularly take drugs that include bacteria of microflora, for example, Linex, Bifidum, Bifikol or Normoflorin. Your body also needs vitamins such as lipoic acid and folic acid. These vitamin preparations are easy to get at any pharmacy. You need to take one tablet three times a day.

Step 4

At the same time, also work on restoring the level of the body's immune activity. For this purpose, take antihistamines, for example, "Ksezal", "Kestin", "Tavegil". These drugs will relieve swelling and reduce allergic reactions. Sodium thiosulfate, which must be injected into the body intravenously, 10 ml per day, will also help. Remember, you need to dilute the substance as much as possible and inject it into the vein very slowly, since otherwise you can damage the walls of the vessels.

Step 5

Try to take various baths as often as possible. A bath with sea salt, as well as various decoctions of medicinal plants, is perfect.

Step 6

It is also necessary to regularly take sedatives and sedatives. Take tincture of Valerian officinalis regularly. If it does not help, then try drinking a tincture of peony or motherwort.

And remember - in order to relieve exacerbation of psoriasis, you must regularly adhere to the recommendations.

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