How To Moisturize Your Eyes

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How To Moisturize Your Eyes
How To Moisturize Your Eyes

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Working at a computer, dry and overheated rooms in winter and air conditioning in summer negatively affect the health of our eyes. They watery, hurt, but most often we experience dry eyes. A decrease in eye moisture, lack of tears can lead to scarring on the cornea, and, as a result, to loss of vision.

How to moisturize your eyes
How to moisturize your eyes


Step 1

Determine if you really have signs of dry eyes. The diagnosis is correct if you have at least one of the symptoms: tingling or burning in the eyeball, feeling of a speck in the eye, “gritty eyes”, intolerance to bright light, smoke or wind, eye fatigue after short periods of reading.

Step 2

The easiest instant way to moisturize your eyes is with artificial tear drops. They are sold over the counter. Eye drops only replace tears and provide temporary relief. However, you should see your doctor if dry eye recurs more than twice. Sometimes this is a sign of a more serious illness, possibly an eyelid anomaly, which will have to be surgically removed. Moreover, the ophthalmologist, having studied your problem, will prescribe medicinal drops for you to eliminate dry eyes.

Step 3

To maximize the amount of natural moisture in the eye, ophthalmologists treat the cause of dryness, most often by prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs. Self-treatment with such drugs is not recommended.

Step 4

In some cases, doctors place tiny swabs in the tear ducts to trap tear fluid. They retain fluid and keep the eye hydrated. Tampons are available as temporary dissolving and permanent silicone tampons.

Step 5

Soft lenses can be purchased that are designed to trap moisture in the eye.

Step 6

It is recommended that you change your diet to keep your eyes hydrated. Add 2-3 servings of seafood per week to your menu. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids relieve inflammation throughout our body, including the eyes. Instead of fish (mackerel, herring, etc.), you can use flaxseed oil and walnuts.

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