Treatment Of Colds With Traditional Medicine

Treatment Of Colds With Traditional Medicine
Treatment Of Colds With Traditional Medicine
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Many are treated by doctors, but there is also an alternative treatment.

Treatment of colds with traditional medicine
Treatment of colds with traditional medicine

Everyone knows that very disgusting feeling when he caught an infection on the street or caught a cold, and now a person is forced to suffer. The doctor can only recommend drugs based on paracetamol, because there are no medicines for the common cold as such. It is believed that you can just lie down at home for a couple of days and the disease will go away by itself. But sometimes the body needs additional help in the form of traditional (home) medicine. Effective ways to deal with colds will be discussed below.

The first step is to brew black tea, it should be moderately warm. Be sure to add a spoonful of honey or a slice of lemon to it. The more a person consumes such a drink, the higher the chance to recover faster. If the throat is very sore, then you can drink tea and eat honey in a bite, slowly releasing it down the throat. This helps to kill bacteria and infections.

The second way is to consume raspberries or garlic - your choice. Raspberry is a natural aspirin that will help neutralize infection and restore normalcy. Garlic with honey, can be mixed and then taken in small portions with water. You can also prepare an excellent inhalation based on garlic, which will quickly relieve a cold and kill harmful bacteria in the nose and nasopharynx.

The third most unpredictable and dangerous cold remedy is a hunger strike. At the same time, you cannot drink, but you must. You cannot stop the flow of new fluid into the body. It is believed that by refusing to eat, a person triggers a defense mechanism that fights disease very well. Few people resort to this method, and it is undesirable to use it.

The fourth method is pepper vodka. You need to add a little red hot pepper to a small amount of vodka, and then drink it immediately. This method is not suitable for people with liver and heart problems. Pepper will dilate blood vessels and improve well-being, and vodka will help him with this.

The fifth way is using milk. You can add to the warmed milk at will: bay leaf, a little vanilla, cinnamon and a few peppercorns. Milk contains a powerful soothing ingredient that can help improve well-being and fight colds.

The above methods may not be suitable for many people due to individual contraindications. If the disease has gone too far, and it does not become easier at all, you should consult a doctor for help, he will deliver an effective treatment that will definitely help.

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