How To Avoid Delirium Tremens

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How To Avoid Delirium Tremens
How To Avoid Delirium Tremens

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Delirium tremens, or alcoholic delirium, begins on the third or fourth day after coming out of a long binge. The reason is brain damage by toxic decomposition products of alcohol. Oxygen starvation occurs, resulting in visual or auditory hallucinations. The condition threatens the patient's life, and he is urgently hospitalized.

How to avoid delirium tremens
How to avoid delirium tremens


Step 1

To avoid delirium tremens, do not drink at all or drink alcohol for an extended period of time. For long-term remission, it is enough to consult a narcologist and undergo a course of drug therapy and psychotherapeutic treatment. If you have had alcoholic delirium at least once, you will not be able to avoid it again. Each subsequent manifestation of delirium tremens will be more severe.

Step 2

If, nevertheless, a breakdown occurs, do not try to remove alcohol by using brine, tea, broths. This only helps if you drank once, and in the morning you feel signs of intoxication. With prolonged binge, these funds can not prevent the onset of delirium tremens.

Step 3

Call emergency medical help and without the slightest delay, without waiting for the first symptoms of auditory or visual hallucinations, go to a psychiatric or drug addiction clinic. If you do not want to go to a public medical institution, call specialists from private clinics. You will undergo emergency therapy, which will help you remove alcohol and waste products from the body as quickly as possible, and support respiratory and cardiac activity. Remember, alcoholic delirium is fatal. The relatives and friends of the alcoholic need to know this.

Step 4

After removing the intoxication, consult a narcologist for further treatment. Alcoholism is a serious chronic disease that cannot be completely cured, but everyone can achieve a period of stable remission. For treatment, antidepressants, antipsychotics, tranquilizers are used. The narcologist selects the treatment regimen and doses individually for each patient. Currently, the methods of coding, acupuncture, reflexology, psychotherapy are widely used.

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