What Vitamins Are Good For Men

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What Vitamins Are Good For Men
What Vitamins Are Good For Men

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Scientists argue that the body of a man, even the most unsportsmanlike and leading a sedentary lifestyle, is designed in such a way that he needs more nutrients than the body of a woman, since the metabolism is faster. At the same time, the adaptability of the stronger sex to changes in the environment is worse, therefore, chronic diseases are much more common than in the "weak" halves. These factors force us to pay more attention to the choice of means to maintain men's health and, first of all, vitamins.

What vitamins are good for men
What vitamins are good for men


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Vitamin C makes its invaluable contribution to the elasticity of blood vessels, participates in hematopoiesis, and helps to normalize the endocrine glands. If there is enough of this vitamin in the body, then you can be calm about the immune system. It has been proven that it can prevent the development of various diseases, including the "scourge" of many men - prostate adenoma. Ascorbic acid also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, weakening the effect of stress, preventing loss of strength and bad mood. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that this useful vitamin is almost not absorbed if a person smokes a lot. To replenish its reserves, you need to regularly eat white cabbage, parsley and onions.

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Vitamin E is well absorbed in fatty tissues. It helps protect the body from many diseases and, in addition, affects the formation and normal development of germ cells. And its lack can lead to a decrease in sexual performance and loss of reproductive function, excess body fat and weakening of muscles, including the heart. This vitamin is found in nuts, grains, vegetable oil, eggs (in the yolk), spinach, etc. But for its good absorption, zinc is needed, a valuable source of which is seafood, tomatoes and olives.

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B vitamins increase testosterone production and promote normal sperm production, which naturally increases the male reproductive capacity. They also strengthen the nervous system, participate in metabolism, and vitamin B1 helps to build muscle mass, which is especially important for athletes and men who have high physical activity. A large amount of this vitamin is found in black bread and various cereals.

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Vitamin A strengthens the immune system and regulates hormone production, protects the liver, helps preserve vision and has a positive effect on the condition of the testicles, in which sperm are produced. The main foods high in this vitamin are butter, red or yellow vegetables, and fruits.

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Vitamin D is also called a super vitamin for men, which is very important for the immune system, promotes the absorption of calcium, which strengthens bones and increases strength in men. The vitamin is very useful for potency and erection. And you can replenish its reserves in the body in two ways: sunbathing in the sun and eating parsley, eggs, cheese, dairy products, caviar or fish oil.

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Folic acid (regulates the process of sperm maturation), selenium (increases reproductive capacity), magnesium (increases the ability of sperm to fertilize, participates in the regulation of cardiac activity), vitamins of group K (regulates the intake of calcium) and others are also useful for the body of men. In general, it is difficult to answer the question of which vitamins and minerals are more useful for a man, since they are all needed, but the need for this or that substance for each individual representative of the stronger sex is different, because his lifestyle, physical and mental stress is not the same. Therefore, it makes sense to develop a complex of nutrition and replenishment of the body with vitamins with professionals.

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