How To Get Rid Of Seizures

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How To Get Rid Of Seizures
How To Get Rid Of Seizures

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Seizures are sudden and involuntary contractions of muscle mass. The reasons for their appearance have not yet been fully understood. Useful recommendations of specialists and recipes of traditional medicine will help get rid of these manifestations.

How to get rid of seizures
How to get rid of seizures

Useful exercises for muscle cramps

The proposed exercises are recommended to be performed barefoot or standing. Gently stand on your heels and bend your raised toes as much as possible. Try to keep your balance in this position for 7-10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Cross your legs, gradually transferring your body weight to the outer edges of the foot. Freeze in this position for a few seconds. Return slowly to the starting position. Change legs. The exercise should be repeated 5-7 times.

Gradually rise on your toes so that your heels are as far away from the floor as possible. Drop down sharply. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

Place a small block 1 m long and 5-7 cm high on the floor surface. Place your feet so that your toes are on the block and your heels remain on the floor. Move carefully to the left and right along the board. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Folk recipes

Lemon juice is excellent for cramps. They are advised to process their feet twice a day: in the evening and in the morning. After that, it takes time for it to dry. The procedure should be carried out daily for 2 weeks.

Rubbing with laurel oil helps with cramps in the legs and arms. To do this, 50 g of bay leaves are crushed and poured with a glass of unrefined sunflower oil. The container is covered with a tight lid and removed to a dark place for 10-12 days. Then the laurel oil should be filtered. If an arm or leg is bent, rub the affected area of ​​the body with this oil.

Basic prims for relieving seizures

If you have cramps in the calf muscles, try to change the position. Then straighten your leg by pulling your toes up. Point the ball of the foot towards the knee.

Sit in a comfortable position and touch the affected area with your fingers.

Gently stand up, transferring the weight of your body weight to your flattened leg. After 5-7 seconds, sensitivity will be restored, and blood circulation will resume.

Rub the leg, which has been reduced in cramps, with any warming ointment or cream.

Massage your calves from heel to knee and your feet from toes to heel.

As a preventive measure for calf cramps, regularly massage the muscles under the knees. For hand cramps, rub them from the fingertips to the shoulder joint. After the massage, it is recommended to lie down with a blanket under your feet. This posture will prevent recurrent seizures and allow blood to flow out.

If seizures appear systematically, be sure to seek the advice of your doctor.

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