What Herb Helps From What

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What Herb Helps From What
What Herb Helps From What

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A person who has knowledge of the medicinal properties of various herbs can greatly facilitate the life of himself and his loved ones, as well as reduce financial costs.

What herb helps from what
What herb helps from what

Herbal medicine, i.e. herbal treatment along with acupuncture, homeopathy is increasingly used in health care in many countries around the world. Herbal medicines are softer than synthetic ones, less likely to cause an allergic reaction. They relieve the problem of vitamin deficiency, and also cleanse the body of toxins.


Perhaps this is one of the leaders in terms of the number of useful qualities. Expectorant and disinfecting properties make thyme an indispensable aid in diseases of the upper respiratory tract (whooping cough, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis and cough).

Thyme is a powerful bactericidal agent, so it is successfully used for a variety of wounds. In addition, it is popular with those people who have problems with the genitourinary and endocrine systems, heart, stomach and intestines.

It will not be difficult to prepare this plant. The cut thyme is laid out on a flat surface, or hung to dry and placed in a dark but ventilated room. And already from the dried herb, you can prepare all kinds of decoctions, tinctures and teas. In addition, it can be added to the bath while bathing.

St. John's wort

The healing power of St. John's wort is explained by the presence of many biologically active components in its composition. It is successfully used for stomach problems (cholecystitis, gastritis, gallstone disease, ulcers) and intestinal parasites. Also, the herb St. John's wort will help with inflammation of the genitals in women and cracked nipples. And antibacterial, wound healing and hemostatic properties ensure its successful use in case of accidental cuts. By the way, thanks to this, this plant is used for various diseases of the skin.

pharmaceutical camomile

When collecting this plant, the main thing is not to confuse the medicinal species with the usual field chamomile. In order not to be mistaken in this way, you should remember that the medicinal herb has a convex center outward, and the leaves are similar to dill. In addition, field daisies are distinguished by a not very pleasant pungent smell. It must also be remembered that only the flowers of this plant are used for medicinal purposes.

The most valuable are chamomile essential oils. It is a disinfectant, diaphoretic and anesthetic that also relieves the fermentation process. Thanks to all these properties, it is actively used for various diseases of the stomach, ranging from an elementary disorder, and ending with chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Also, chamomile is often used for insomnia, menstrual and toothaches.

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