How To Choose Allergy Medications For Adults And Children

How To Choose Allergy Medications For Adults And Children
How To Choose Allergy Medications For Adults And Children

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Modern antihistamines, widely available in pharmacies, have become a real salvation for allergy sufferers. An extensive assortment allows you to buy medicines for allergies that will help an adult or child at any stage of the disease.

How to Choose Allergy Medicines, Source:
How to Choose Allergy Medicines, Source:

How do allergy drugs work?

  • make capillaries less permeable
  • stop puffiness
  • relieve muscle and bronchial spasms
  • antihistamines treat redness and itching

The choice of antihistamine for seasonal, as well as for food allergies or other types of illness should be approached with special care. This is especially important, sometimes vital, if you need an allergy medicine for children, a remedy for newborns. Some pharmaceuticals are allowed to be used even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Time-tested antihistamines, drugs of the latest generation are on sale. Before buying a pharmacological product, it is important to find out exactly the specific allergen, consumer reviews, and the opinion of a specialist. Perhaps the patient has a spring allergy to birch pollen, dust, or to the flowering of certain plants - in any case, one cannot do without the instructions of the doctor and the manufacturer of the drug.

Today, different generations of antihistamines are supplied to the pharmaceutical market, everything can be ordered at the pharmacy in the form of nasal drops or sprays, ointments and gels, tablets and dragees, and injection solutions. Among them are medicines:

  • first-generation sedatives, which are often the drug of choice for breathing problems
  • second generation, non-drowsy, especially recommended for skin rashes and itching
  • third generation, active metabolites, which in some cases can be prescribed during lactation

  • fourth generation, selectively affecting H1, without affecting receptors of the second and third types
  • fifth generation with increased therapeutic efficacy and complete absence of sedation

If it is necessary to provide the patient with quick and highly effective help, hormonal preparations for allergies are sometimes used, which are later replaced with medicines of a different type. In a pharmacy, you can choose the optimal product of the desired dosage form, cost and specific manufacturer.

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