How To Have Eye Surgery In

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How To Have Eye Surgery In
How To Have Eye Surgery In
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Modern medicine has all the means to return a person to normal vision. And if you are tired of glasses and contact lenses, if you want to fully engage in active sports, diving and swimming, then it's time to seek help from specialists in laser eye surgery.

How to do eye surgery
How to do eye surgery


Step 1

Currently, there are a sufficient number of medical centers throughout the country in which vision correction is performed. The choice of the technique for carrying out this operation always remains with the surgeon - ophthalmologist. And only depending on the degree of retinal damage, farsightedness or myopia, in the presence or absence of astigmatism, as well as taking into account the age factor and various diseases, for example, cataracts, the doctor can decide on the advisability of surgical intervention.

Step 2

Most likely, with the usual farsightedness or myopia, you will be refused an operation until the age of eighteen. The fact is that a young organism is still being formed and the eye itself is growing. And the consequences of interference in this process can be the most sad.

Step 3

If you have already turned 18 years old, then the doctors at the ophthalmological center will prescribe all the necessary tests for you, as well as conduct a full examination of the state of the retina and lens. After that, the day of the operation will be appointed.

Step 4

Remember that at least three days before the day of vision correction surgery, you must not drink alcohol, apply makeup on your face, and use contact lenses. Also, eye surgeries are not performed on pregnant women, since the drugs used in restorative therapy can affect the development of the fetus.

Step 5

On the day of the operation, you need to cleanly wash your face and go to the medical center. Doctors will once again examine your eyes, inquire about your general health and send you to the operating room. There, an anesthetic drug will be instilled and spacers will be inserted into the eye so that the operation can be performed. The whole process will take from 3 to 5 minutes. The same procedure is for the other eye. Then you will be bandaged, and you will have to spend some time in it.

Step 6

The bandages will then be removed and you can go home on your own. For some time, perhaps, vision will not be very clear, but in a day or two everything will be restored. And so that the healing process goes without problems, you will be prescribed eye drops and various drugs that support the body's immunity.

Step 7

After the operation, you need to carefully protect your eyes for 1, 5 - 2 months. Do not rub them heavily with your hands, do not swim in bodies of water, the water in which may be contaminated, protect from the scorching sun. If you follow all medical recommendations, your vision will recover very quickly, and you will forever forget what glasses and contact lenses are.

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