How Can A Cough During Pregnancy Be Dangerous?

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How Can A Cough During Pregnancy Be Dangerous?
How Can A Cough During Pregnancy Be Dangerous?

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The period of waiting for the birth of a child is filled with various events and worries. It often happens that during pregnancy, the expectant mother catches a cold, allergic reactions and other unpleasant phenomena occur.

How can a cough during pregnancy be dangerous?
How can a cough during pregnancy be dangerous?

It is impossible to ignore such phenomena as a runny nose and cough. It is these symptoms that indicate the occurrence of a cold or other diseases in a pregnant woman. The dangers can be of varying severity, depending on the disease that caused this very cough.

Causes of cough

The most harmless cough can be if it is caused by simple colds - acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, sinusitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis and others. Cough can also be caused by bronchitis, purulent bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma. There are cases when a cough is used to diagnose dangerous chronic pulmonary diseases, including tuberculosis. Also, the manifestation of cough may indicate various diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular systems.

Do not forget about the likelihood of developing a very dangerous disease called pulmonary embolism. Symptoms of this ailment include severe weakness, coughing up blood, chest pain and shortness of breath, cold sweats and a significant decrease in blood pressure. The causes of thromboembolism in a pregnant woman are changes in blood clotting and prolonged compression of the veins, after which the thrombus enters the pulmonary artery or branches of the artery. Hospitalization and emergency treatment is required.

Dangers of Coughing for Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is more susceptible to various causative agents of diseases due to an increase in the load on the body and a significant decrease in immunity. This does not mean that every pregnant woman will necessarily get sick, but it is necessary to be especially attentive to changes in the body. Due to the presence of contraindications for most drugs for a pregnant woman, it can be problematic to cure common colds, more serious diseases require serious therapy and are not always safe for the developing fetus.

In addition to the obvious discomfort for a pregnant woman, coughing can cause premature birth. This is due to an increase in arterial and intrauterine pressure. Also, with a strong cough, there is a great danger of detachment of the placenta, which will provoke childbirth in the early stages.

You need to understand that not every cough can be so dangerous, since the cause of its occurrence may be simply the accumulation of dust in the bronchi. In this case, no treatment is required. However, before deciding whether or not to cure a cough, the nature of its manifestation should be diagnosed, which can only be done by a doctor.

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