What Allergies Are There

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What Allergies Are There
What Allergies Are There

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Allergy manifests itself as a reaction of the immune system to various irritants - allergens. Most often, such a pathology is congenital, but it can appear after the transfer of any diseases. There are several types of allergies that have their own characteristics.

What allergies are there
What allergies are there


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Allergies are classified primarily for reasons of reaction, i.e. allergens. The most common of these include dust, excreta and insect bites, certain drugs, saliva and animal hair, plant pollen, food (citrus fruits, nuts, eggs, milk, etc.), tissues, and others. Allergen detection allows you to determine the nature of the allergy (for example, in the summer or spring) and select the appropriate remedies for treatment.

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Various types of allergies occur in the form of certain reactions in the body to irritants. For example, bronchial asthma or allergic rhinitis is observed with inflammation of the respiratory system, and allergic conjunctivitis becomes a consequence of eye inflammation. Allergic skin reactions are in the form of hives and dermatitis. In some cases, inflammation manifests itself in several reactions at once, causing anaphylactic shock - a dangerous condition of the body that requires immediate medical attention. Signs of anaphylactic shock are severe dizziness and weakness, loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, etc.

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Allergies are also distinguished by concomitant symptoms. If a person begins to cough, shortness of breath, respiratory failure, this indicates the manifestation of allergic asthma. With an allergic rhinitis, a person often sneezes, experiences itching of the nasal mucosa, observes its congestion, the appearance of secretions, etc. The features of conjunctivitis are redness and swelling of the eyes, lacrimation, itching of the eyelids. Urticaria is characterized by a small and frequent rash, and with allergic dermatitis, rashes occur, accompanied by severe itching. For a more accurate identification of the source of allergies and the appointment of appropriate treatment, you must consult a doctor.

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