How To Treat Oncology Treatment In Non-traditional Ways

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How To Treat Oncology Treatment In Non-traditional Ways
How To Treat Oncology Treatment In Non-traditional Ways
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Oncology treatment is attracting great attention all over the world. More than a hundred thousand people die from cancer in Russia every year. Modern medicine is not able to solve all the problems associated with the treatment of cancer patients, so people are increasingly turning to non-traditional methods of treatment. With a positive result of treatment with non-traditional methods, patients have hope for healing.

How to treat oncology treatment in non-traditional ways
How to treat oncology treatment in non-traditional ways

Types of alternative medicine

Today, a fairly large number of alternative cancer treatments are known. The Internet offers 118 methods of cancer treatment, 59 methods of disease prevention and 88 aids used to alleviate the suffering of incurable patients.

All non-traditional methods of treatment can be divided into 4 groups, depending on how much they agree with scientific data in the field of biology, physics and chemistry.

The first group includes scientifically based methods. These methods do not contradict the principles of science.

The second group: "logical reasoning". It includes methods that have at least some relation to the laws of biology, physics and chemistry, but otherwise operate in uncharted territory.

The third group includes methods whose ideas about the mechanism of treatment of the disease are contrary to scientific principles.

Fourth group: methods involving supernatural forces and beings.

Overview of common treatments for oncology

The most common alternative cancer treatment is herbal medicine. There are many plant-based recipes. There are universal recipes for all types of oncological diseases, there are for certain forms of cancer, there is for the prevention of the disease, there is for the maintenance of the body after the chemotherapy procedure.

Shevchenko's method is widely known; for the treatment of cancer, he suggests using an alcohol-oil mixture. The action of the mixture has the same effect as "radiation therapy". If for any reason the treatment with the mixture does not give a positive result, it is recommended to use the "Chizhevsky chandelier". With their simultaneous use, treatment is much faster and more effective.

Some tumors are successfully treated with the "Imperial Method" (urine therapy). Use an internal or external (lotion) application of urine.

Juices and silicon water are used as an adjuvant in the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Kapustina suggests treating neoplasms with the living substance of a chicken egg.

Quite often, mummy-based methods are used.

Some patients are helped by the method of treatment with prayers addressed to various saints.

Alternative medicine in the treatment of oncology - good or bad?

Despite the huge number of alternative medicine methods, today there is no definite answer whether alternative medicine is harmful or beneficial.

Alternative medicine methods have not undergone clinical trials, their effectiveness can only be judged at the level of word of mouth.

The ideology of alternative medicine neglects the achievements of modern science and is supposedly based on ancient methods of treatment. Alternative medicine methods can often be harmful. Sometimes the patient can be poisoned to death, because poisonous substances are often used in the treatment of cancer. Clinical research and rigorous testing are needed to apply alternative therapies. The use of these methods should be carried out under the strict supervision of a physician. A special danger of unconventional methods is that a person, using them, is late with treatment. Then it is no longer possible to help.

The advantage of alternative medicine is the so-called "placebo effect", when the patient's confidence that he has taken a miracle cure can heal any disease!

Alternative medicine certainly has a right to exist. And only the combination of the forces of classical and non-traditional medicine is promising in helping patients with cancer.

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