How To Distinguish Acne From Blackheads

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How To Distinguish Acne From Blackheads
How To Distinguish Acne From Blackheads
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The main sign of beauty and good health is clear skin. Sometimes various rashes, acne and pimples spoil the appearance and become a disaster, especially for young girls and boys.

How to distinguish acne from blackheads
How to distinguish acne from blackheads

Characteristics of acne

Acne is an initial inflammation of the sebaceous glands. They are expressed as black dots and small nodules on the surface of the skin. There are two types of acne.

Comedones are blackheads that result from a blockage in the mouth of a hair follicle or sebaceous gland duct. They consist of thick sebum, dead skin cells and epithelial scales. At first, the dots look transparent, and then, under the influence of oxygen, they are oxidized and they become black. Comedones are always found on the surface of the skin.

Fats (whiteheads) - are formed as a result of the congestion of fat in the lower part of the pore. In structure, they are similar to a thrombus that does not have an outlet to the surface of the skin. Visually, wen may not be noticeable, but only perceptible when pressed on the skin. They become inflamed in the deep layer of the skin and look like small nodules.

Acne is very multifaceted, its course depends on the type of skin and individually for each person. Whiteheads are often found on the chin, cheeks, cheekbones, and forehead. They are not painful or inflamed. Despite the harmlessness, wen are capable of combining with adjacent acne, as a result of forming a large cavity filled with pus. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to them and taking measures to eliminate them.

The difference between acne and acne

Acne and blackheads can appear not only during puberty, but also as a result of endocrine and hormonal changes in the body. Digestive problems, unhealthy diet, excessive amounts of cosmetics - can also be a favorable factor for their appearance.

A pimple is an inflammation on the surface of the skin, small bumps with redness, usually caused by an infection in clogged sebaceous glands.

The main difference between an inflamed pimple and acne is its appearance. The pimple is striking, while disfiguring the appearance.

The presence of infection is also a difference. By causing inflammation, the infection provokes redness, suppuration and swelling of tissues, while delivering discomfort and soreness.

At its core, acne is the ancestor of acne. Sometimes, in order to eliminate skin diseases with acne and acne, it is enough to eliminate the cause of their occurrence: stop using low-quality cosmetics, balance nutrition and systematically cleanse the skin of the oil secreted by it.

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