How To Treat Internal Acne

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How To Treat Internal Acne
How To Treat Internal Acne

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Acne appears due to inflammation of the sebaceous glands and the formation of sebaceous plugs. The reason for this is improper nutrition, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, flour, fatty and sweet. Often, internal acne appears due to endocrine disorders and chronic constipation.

How to treat internal acne
How to treat internal acne


Aloe tree leaves, aloe juice, calendula officinalis, honey, alcohol, cologne, glycerin


Step 1

You can cure internal acne with the help of traditional medicine. Prepare a tincture of aloe vera leaves. Rinse the leaves and refrigerate for ten days. Next, the leaves must be finely chopped and filled with boiled cold water.

Step 2

After one hour, boil the mixture for three minutes. Strain. Wipe your face daily and the acne will go away soon.

Step 3

Aloe juice is an effective remedy for acne. In addition, aloe juice relieves irritation and rejuvenates the skin. Refrigerate the leaves for ten days. Then chop them finely. Squeeze out the juice. Use three times a day instead of lotion. It should be noted that aloe juice is used immediately after pressing, since it cannot be stored.

Step 4

Prepare a tincture of calendula officinalis. Pour dry inflorescences of calendula in the amount of one tablespoon with half a liter of boiling water. Insist for half an hour, then strain and cool. Wipe your face three times a day.

Step 5

Prepare a mixture of marigold tincture and honey. Boil a glass of water, add one teaspoon of calendula and the same amount of honey. Stir. Soak tampons in the solution and apply to the affected skin. The duration of the compress is 30 minutes.

Step 6

Also, internal acne can be effectively treated with calendula lotion. Pour two tablespoons of flowers into 1/4 cup 40% alcohol, 1/3 cup cologne and 1/5 water. Move to a warm place. After the mixture is infused, add three milligrams of glycerin and five grams of a five percent alcohol solution. It is necessary to wipe the skin with lotion at least twice a day.

Step 7

Internal acne lends itself well to treatment with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs. These preparations include zinc oxide, salicylic acid, triclosan, witch hazel and chamomile extracts. The drug Zinerit has proven itself well. Thanks to erythromycin, which is part of this colorless liquid, it has a bacteriostatic effect. Zinc eliminates inflammation by reducing the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

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