How Not To Confuse Acne With Boils

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How Not To Confuse Acne With Boils
How Not To Confuse Acne With Boils
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Visually, boils with pimples are very similar, but there is a difference between them. The differences are mostly internal, so only a doctor will help to understand and cure.

How not to confuse acne with boils
How not to confuse acne with boils


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Acne can be caused by various reasons, but boils are always caused by bacteria. During the off-season, there are always more various abscesses. The effect of the treatment of abscesses is not always unambiguous, and in some cases even long-term procedures do not have a result, since one condition was not taken into account. A pimple is the initial stage of skin inflammation, and a boil is an already developed inflammation. There are several signs by which you can distinguish a boil from a pimple with great accuracy.

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Touching a pimple may not be felt in any way, and touching a boil always causes pain in the deeper layers of the skin. Around the pimple less often than around the boil, the skin turns red; in the event that it turns red, this redness is always smaller in size. The size of a pimple is generally always smaller, and it matures much faster. This is due to the fact that the pimple is located closer to the surface of the skin, and the boil lies deeper, at the hair follicle. When a boil is just beginning to form, it looks like a swelling or swelling with a painful compaction in depth, at the initial stage it is easy to confuse a boil with an insect bite. A pimple never causes a rise in the temperature of the skin in the place where it appears, but in a boil it is a constant phenomenon.

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When pimples and boils appear on the body, it is strictly forbidden to squeeze out. The squeezing process infects nearby tissues and may result in more acne. It is especially dangerous to squeeze out pimples and boils located on the scalp and on the face. The infection can enter the brain and provoke encephalitis - inflammation of the brain. Multiple boils and large foci of inflammation can enter the bloodstream and cause septicemia: the temperature rises, fever begins, chills, general malaise, vomiting does not bring relief. If complex treatment is not undertaken, the process may be aggravated by the onset of sepsis - general blood poisoning.

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You can distinguish a pimple from a boil by the way the treatment proceeds. In order to cure a pimple, it takes 3 to 7 days, and the boil goes away in about 10-14 days. Acne can be treated with such common remedies as aloe leaf or Kalanchoe, and in order to cure a boil, you will need such remedies as Vishnevsky ointment or Levomekol. With a large (more than 5 - 6) number of boils, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, as this is a sign of intoxication of the body.

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