There Is An Allergy Vaccine

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There Is An Allergy Vaccine
There Is An Allergy Vaccine

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To date, the mechanisms of allergic reactions are not well understood. However, numerous studies have led to the development of methods for getting rid of allergy symptoms. Among the most effective is the treatment by means of injections, i.e. intravenous vaccine that contains allergens.

There is an allergy vaccine
There is an allergy vaccine

Differences between the vaccine and other methods

Allergy vaccination is called specific immunotherapy, which is the only way to completely get rid of allergies. The difference between the method is its permanent effect. Tablets, all kinds of ointments and sprays only help get rid of symptoms and make the body temporarily not respond to allergens. These drugs do an excellent job of their task, however, after the end of the regular intake of such drugs, the allergy resumes with renewed vigor.

The vaccination method allows the human body to become accustomed to the allergen, which causes a negative reaction from the organs. Treatment allows you to partially or completely get rid of sneezing, lacrimation, runny nose and other reactions of the upper respiratory tract.


Despite the proven effectiveness of therapy, in some cases it is necessary to carry out several courses of injections as part of immunotherapy. In advanced cases, up to 3 courses of injections are carried out, with the help of which it is possible to achieve a positive trend in the treatment of the disease. It is only in very rare cases that immunotherapy may have little or no beneficial effect against allergies.

Some patients get rid of allergies completely after using injections with allergens. In other people, symptoms may return within the next 7-15 years. In this case, the person will have to repeat the therapy.

Vaccine administration

The allergy vaccine contains purified allergens that can exacerbate the disease in the process of addiction. Modern drugs reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction in a person to zero, stimulating the immune system. Injection with allergens is carried out under the supervision of a physician in order to exclude the appearance of an undesirable effect if the dosage is incorrectly selected and the solution is prepared. Also, the administration of the drug stops when a person develops a cold or severe stress. Treatment of patients who are in constant contact with the allergen is carried out in a hospital setting.

When treating, you must strictly follow the instructions of the attending physician. Otherwise, the therapy will not show its effectiveness and the already expensive procedure will have to be repeated.

In the course of treatment with injections, the patient should follow a hypoallergenic diet and exclude any smoked, spicy and fried foods from his diet. It is also prohibited to take alcohol, which reduces the effectiveness of the injected drug.

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