How To Choose A Laxative

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How To Choose A Laxative
How To Choose A Laxative

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Laxatives are drugs that are used to treat constipation. By their action, they activate the advancement of the intestinal contents and contribute to the onset of the act of defecation. The mechanism of action of laxatives is reduced to increasing the motility of the large intestine and blocking the absorption of water in it.

How to choose a laxative
How to choose a laxative

An assortment of herbal laxatives

In the case when constipation is mild, herbal laxatives are prescribed to eliminate it. Such funds have a mild effect, and also help to increase the volume of feces. The drugs work in such a way that more fluid is absorbed in the intestine and due to this, its emptying occurs faster.

These laxatives include:

- on the basis of the flea plantain seed - "Mukofalk", "Naturolax", "Fiberlex";

- based on methylcellulose - "Citrucel";

- means with the use of calcium polycarbophil - "Fibercon", "Fiberal";

- funds based on pectin - "Kaolin-pectin", "Donnagel".

In the case when a person takes narcotic analgesics or other medications, constipation may develop, which becomes chronic. Then the intake of laxatives of a stronger effect is required.

The means that have a positive effect in such cases include: dandelion, buckthorn bark, curly sorrel and rhubarb. These herbs are recommended to be taken in small quantities, in courses - no more than a couple of weeks.


There are ready-made laxatives in which the most optimal ratio of the constituents of medicinal herbs and medicines that provide the necessary laxative effect is observed. Depending on the severity of the constipation and the desired effect, the following drugs are available:

Dokuzat sodium is a laxative containing sodium picosulfate. Very effective for constipation, preparation before endoscopic examination of the colon. The product softens stool and enhances the bowel reflex.

"Bisacodyl" is a laxative agent, effective for constipation, spastic or hypotonic dyskinesia of the colon after surgery, childbirth, or dietary nutrition.

Preparations containing hay (cassia) leaves: Anthrasennin, Herbion, Laxana, Glaxenna, Regulax, Senade, Senadexin, Senalex, Tisasen, Ex -Lax ".

These agents irritate the receptors located on the intestinal mucosa, and reflexively increase intestinal motility, which, as a result, leads to its faster emptying and restoration of its normal functioning. An important factor is the lack of addiction to the components of the drugs and a fairly quick action - 8-10 hours after application.

When choosing a laxative, you need to consult with a specialist in order to try to help your body - not make it worse. Also, you should carefully study the instructions for use and dosage of the drug.

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