Visit To An Osteopath: An Experiment On Yourself

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Visit To An Osteopath: An Experiment On Yourself
Visit To An Osteopath: An Experiment On Yourself

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Osteopathy is a young science compared to other treatments. It is referred to as the methods of alternative medicine, since it does not accept the use of drugs and surgical interventions. The impact on a person occurs only manually.

Visit to an osteopath: an experiment on yourself
Visit to an osteopath: an experiment on yourself

Who is an osteopath?

An osteopath is a doctor who carries out treatment with his own hands, by external influence on the patient's body. Such a specialist is fluent in human anatomy, physiology and has a high sensitivity of the hands. Doctors undergo long-term training and learn palpation techniques and techniques. Then, for years they practice and develop their hands. By lightly touching the body, the specialist catches the barely begun changes in organs, muscles, ligaments, which indicate the stage of the disease. An osteopath should not be confused with a massage therapist, they do different things.

Treatment methods

Treatment with osteopathic methods in Russia is not recognized by the scientific community, but many palpation methods are used in manual therapy and can be used as directed by a doctor. There are a number of principles in osteopathy. The first of them is the understanding that the human body is a single whole and all processes in it are inseparable from each other. When carrying out treatment, they try to find the cause of the disease and exclude it, adjusting the work of the whole organism. The body's ability to self-regulate and heal is used. Therefore, this theory does not recognize modern medicine.

There are many methods used, each focused on an individual zone. There are separate practices for the pelvis, back, chest, abdomen, and even the brain.

During an external examination, the doctor examines the body with his fingers (neck, cervical spine, shoulders, spine, feet, other problem areas of the skeleton), catches the changes that have begun in muscles, ligaments, bone tissue, these can be seals, damage. Based on the knowledge of medicine, an osteopath can make the correct diagnosis, prescribe and carry out effective treatment.

For those who do not want conventional interventions in their health, a visit to an osteopath is the ideal solution.

Palpation methods will help to solve problems of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of internal organs, mechanical disorders, diseases of the joints and many others, both in adults and in children. There are no negative consequences after therapy.

Outwardly, the treatment process resembles a massage. During the session, rhythmic rocking movements, muscle tension and relaxation, pulling joints into the correct position, stretching, vibration actions can be used.

During treatment, the joints will crunch, slightly numb, some procedures are painful, for example, vertebral massage. So, in order to set a vertebra or a joint, the osteopath will twist the joints and produce quite perceptible pressure on certain points on the body. The impact on the cervical spine is slightly less noticeable, but after the work of a professional, the head will no longer be dizzy. The osteopath will also help with problems of the ankle joint and others.

If you decide to go to an osteopath, it is important to find a really good professional doctor, there are not so many of them, since this specialization is rather narrow and not widespread.

The services are mostly paid and expensive, but you are guaranteed assistance in rehabilitation and restoration of health. The pain after going to an osteopath goes away quickly and in most cases - forever. Allow yourself to be healthy without resorting to drugs.

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