What Should Be The Diet Of The Ulcer

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What Should Be The Diet Of The Ulcer
What Should Be The Diet Of The Ulcer

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Ulcer nutrition should include gentle food, cooked mainly by steam. Products that can fight the bacteria Helicobacter pilari, the main cause of stomach and duodenal ulcers, are welcome.

What should be the nutrition of the ulcer
What should be the nutrition of the ulcer


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It has been proven that in 90% of all cases, stomach and duodenal ulcers were caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pilari. Therefore, the nutrition of the ulcer should first of all include products with bactericidal properties, for example, honey. The substance sulforaphane, which can effectively destroy the above bacteria, is rich in 4 types of cabbage: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, as well as cauliflower and collard. Therefore, they need to be included in your menu as often as possible.

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It is possible to fill the lack of beneficial bacteria after antibiotic therapy with the help of yogurt with active cultures, in addition, this product, like other lactic acid products, is able to quickly and effectively heal ulcers on the gastric mucosa. But you should not get carried away with milk, because during the period of illness, the body may not cope with its assimilation and "respond" with diarrhea and flatulence.

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Nutrition for gastric and duodenal ulcers should be thermally, chemically and mechanically sparing. Eat fractionally 5-6 times a day, giving preference to stews or steamed ones. Peel and grate hard fruits and vegetables. From bread and flour products, it is allowed to eat only yesterday's pastries, and dried buns and crackers. Choose low-fat varieties of meat and fish, and it is better to cook cutlets, soufflés, meatballs, etc. from it.

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Choose vegetables that are neutral in flavor, such as potatoes, pumpkin, squash, carrots, cucumbers, and beets. But tomatoes, radishes, blue peppers and bell peppers are better to gradually include in your menu with the onset of remission. Cereals and soups, boiled noodles and pasta should be present on your table every day. It is better to cook soups without frying, and after cooking, beat with a blender.

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Do not get too carried away with eggs, but sometimes you can afford an omelet or soft-boiled egg. As for fruits, it is better to purchase those that grow in your region - raspberries, strawberries, cherries, apples, pears, etc. And it is better to cook puddings, jelly and jelly based on them, or bake in the oven with sugar or honey. Eating ulcer does not imply the use of all kinds of sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup, but if you really want to season your dish with something, use sour cream or prepare the sauce yourself using natural ingredients - eggs, vegetable oil, lemon juice and herbs.

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Chocolate is completely excluded, but marshmallows and marmalade are allowed from sweets. You can cope with the consequences of ulcers with the help of all kinds of decoctions and infusions: sea buckthorn, oats, walnuts, chamomile, St. John's wort, rose hips, etc. Dried fruits are very useful: dried apricots, raisins and prunes.

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