How To Code From Alcohol

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How To Code From Alcohol
How To Code From Alcohol

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In our country, there is a misfortune that has affected every second family. This trouble is alcoholism. The worst thing is that every year this disease is rapidly growing younger. Today, more and more young people and adolescents are becoming alcoholics. Craving for alcohol by doctors is put on a par with drug addiction and is considered the most intractable. There are many so-called traditional treatments for alcoholism, but the only proven and reliable method is coding.

How to code from alcohol
How to code from alcohol


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There are two types of coding for alcoholism: this is a psychological setting for refusing alcohol and drug coding. Let's take a closer look at these methods.

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The first, psychological, is usually based on hypnosis. One of the most famous is alcohol coding by the Dovzhenko method. In the process of coding, the doctor, using hypnosis, introduces a "code" into the patient's subconscious, that is, a psychological program. This program imposes a categorical ban on alcohol consumption, on pain of serious illness or death. The patient is indoctrinated with an attitude towards a correct, sober way of life, towards indifference to alcohol. The impact is only a word, medicines are not used at all. The doctor explains to the patient the consequences of violating the “code”: if the coded person suddenly decides to drink, he may have a heart attack, stroke, and may be fatal. However, this method is only suitable for suggestible people who lend themselves well to hypnosis. In other cases, drug coding for alcohol is used.

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The drug "Esperal" is widely known among alcoholic patients. It is surgically sutured into the subcutaneous fat, usually the back. The drug gradually enters the bloodstream, as a result of which the required concentration is found in the blood throughout the entire coding period. The substance causes a reaction of disgust and incompatibility with alcohol.

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Another equally popular drug for coding for alcoholism is Torpedo. It is administered intravenously and contains drugs incompatible with alcohol. They arouse the patient's disgust for alcohol, in the event of a "breakdown" they introduce a person into a state close to death. As a rule, the patient suffices once, and healing occurs very quickly, practically in one session.

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There are other, new, modern drugs. Of the latter, these are SIT, MST, NIT with a very strong reaction to alcohol consumption, up to convulsions and respiratory arrest. "Kolme" - drops for oral administration, they are added to food or drinks. Actoplex - for coding patients who cannot get out of the state of alcoholic intoxication. Blood purification is required before use. Algominal is a very effective drug that shows excellent results even in severe cases of alcoholism.

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