How To Protect Your Senses

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How To Protect Your Senses
How To Protect Your Senses
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Do you often think about vision, hearing, until you realize that you have problems with them? Usually, a person visits an ophthalmologist or otolaryngologist only when they have significant problems or have suffered for a long time from pain or discomfort. But you can not go to extremes and always protect the senses.

How to protect your senses
How to protect your senses


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Most often, vision suffers from the effects of external factors and your carelessness. Pay maximum attention to him. Limit eye strain. How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer? Do you remember that every 40 minutes you need to take breaks and gymnastics for the eyes? By the way, the latter should be done every day. Find a set of exercises that will be more convenient and interesting for you to perform and do it daily. Take at least 5 minute breaks every 40 minutes. Look out the window, warm up, walk around the room. The simplest exercise for tired eyes is to blink frequently for one minute.

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Try to limit the amount of time in front of the screen. It doesn't matter if it is about a computer monitor, TV or your mobile. If you have to work at the computer for a long time, give up the TV in the evening. Better read - of course, this also strains the eyes, but does not harm as much as the TV. By the way, how do you usually read? Provide good lighting when reading. Try not to read while traveling, especially on highways. When you move quickly, the book in your hands moves, which greatly increases the strain on your eyes. And a rule familiar from childhood - do not lean too low over a book or notebook. If you notice that your vision is deteriorating, run to the optometrist. Don't be afraid of glasses. The sooner you notice a problem, the more likely you are to fix it. Plus, you’re an adult and you’ll decide for yourself whether or not you should wear glasses.

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The chances of becoming deaf in a modern person are also high. Protect your ears and your hearing. Give up the habit of playing music loudly through your headphones. If you like to listen to music loudly, try to do it in the speakers - of course, still not at the "cutting" volume. When you are in a noisy room, do not turn on the headphones louder to drown out the noise and hear the words of the song - this increases the burden on your hearing several times. Don't stay too long in a noisy place. If you can't get away, use earplugs. Why is loudness so damaging to your hearing? One study drew an interesting analogy to the hair cells of the inner ear. Imagine a field. A light breeze - a faint sound - only slightly touches the tops of the ears. But the stronger the wind, the lower the ears bend to the ground. And a very sudden gust of wind can even break the ears. Your ears work the same way.

Step 4

We rarely remember about the preservation of the sense of smell. But how do you like the prospect of losing the ability to taste? The sense of smell is impaired due to the common cold, flu and other diseases in the nasal cavity. Therefore, always treat your runny nose. Do not think that this is a minor, harmless disease. To protect yourself from loss of smell, eliminate all harmful factors. If you are allergic, do not come into contact with the allergen. Try not to catch a cold and treat a cold in time.

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