How To Cure Grade 1 Periodontal Disease At Home

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How To Cure Grade 1 Periodontal Disease At Home
How To Cure Grade 1 Periodontal Disease At Home
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Periodontal disease is usually called a violation of mineral metabolism and nutrition of the tissues surrounding the teeth. The difficulty lies in the fact that the symptoms appear at a later date, which impairs the effectiveness of treatment.

treatment of periodontal disease
treatment of periodontal disease

What leads to the development of the disease?

For the treatment of periodontal disease to be effective, at the first stage it is necessary to establish the cause that caused the disruption of the periodontal structure. The main provoking factors are:

- improper or insufficient oral hygiene;

- the formation of plaque and tartar;

- dental diseases;

- predisposition;

- reduced immunity;

- diseases of internal organs.

Effective treatment of periodontal disease

To fix the problem yourself, you should use a set of measures. As a rule, these are medicines, traditional medicine, homeopathic medicines, a complex of vitamins and minerals. If you have problems with your teeth, you should visit the dentist's office, which will lead to an improvement in the condition of the oral cavity.

There are special toothpastes based on herbal decoctions and medical components. Regular use of them in the morning and in the evening allows you to remove plaque, reduce the sensitivity of the teeth, and protect the gums from harmful substances.

To relieve inflammation, eliminate painful sensations, destroy microbes, various ointments, gels are used, which include propolis, heparin, lidocaine and other substances. It is also recommended to use a cavity rinse after brushing your teeth. At home, you can dissolve a hydroperite tablet in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth.

Treatment of periodontal disease of the 1st degree gives good results, since the disease has not yet progressed to other areas of the body. One of the preventive and effective means in the fight against this ailment is sauerkraut. When the first signs appear, it is enough to chew the cabbage, and use the remaining juice for rinsing.

Table salt or sea salt is an excellent remedy for combating periodontal disease. You will need fine salt, which you need to do a gentle massage of the gums. You can mix salt with baking soda to enhance the health benefits. The massage not only improves blood circulation, but also nourishes the tissues with nutrients. You can also use sea buckthorn, fir, vegetable or essential oils for massage.

During treatment, you should enrich the diet with nutrients and vitamins. For healthy teeth and strong gums, a complex with vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, F, folic acid, zinc, selenium, calcium, beta-carotene, etc. is necessary. Dairy products with a high calcium content, fresh vegetables and fruits help with periodontal disease. Carbonated drinks and sweets should be discarded as they create an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms.

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