How To Identify Caries

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How To Identify Caries
How To Identify Caries
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Caries is the destruction of the tooth crown with the formation of a cavity in it. It is now the most common dental disease, although many people only learn about it from chewing gum ads.

How to identify caries
How to identify caries


  • - regular visits to the doctor;
  • - specially selected paste and rinse aid;
  • - dental floss;
  • - brushing your teeth twice a day with a stiff brush.


Step 1

Pay attention to the discomfort in the mouth, which began to bother you as if by accident. The fact is that if a tooth with caries is not filled in time, then after a while the dental nerve will become inflamed and severe pain will arise. The blood flow will carry microbes from a diseased tooth throughout the body. There they can cause serious illness. Thus, teeth destroyed by caries often become foci of infection and the cause of rheumatism, bronchial asthma, meningitis, kidney and stomach diseases.

Step 2

Find information about the natural and climatic conditions and the content of mineral salts in the air and water (first of all, find out about the excess or lack of fluoride). Also pay attention to the correctness of your nutrition and oral care. Answer yourself to the questions: how long and thoroughly do you brush your teeth? How many times a day? Do you use mouthwash and dental floss? After all, the main cause of caries is the decay of food debris stuck between the teeth.

Step 3

Check with your dentist for your bite. Malocclusion also contributes to the development of caries.

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