Is Angina Always Accompanied By Fever

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Is Angina Always Accompanied By Fever
Is Angina Always Accompanied By Fever

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Many people in the cold season catch a disease such as sore throat. It is already customary to refer to the symptoms of sore throat, runny nose and fever. But angina is not always accompanied by fever.

Is angina always accompanied by fever
Is angina always accompanied by fever

Is there a sore throat without fever

In medicine, this type of cold is known as catarrhal sore throat. This form of the disease proceeds without fever. A disease occurs due to the penetration of streptococci and staphylococci into the lymphadenoid tissues of the throat, thus infecting them.

How to recognize symptoms of sore throat without fever?

Symptoms of catarrhal sore throat include soreness and enlargement of the lymph nodes, headache, perspiration, dryness, pain when swallowed. Catarrhal sore throat is accompanied by general weakness and body aches. It is an infectious disease, which means it is contagious. Such sore throat can be transmitted by airborne droplets or by household. Most often, catarrhal sore throat is a complication of influenza or whooping cough.

If catarrhal sore throat is not accompanied by an increase in temperature, then this means that no purulent formations appear on the tonsils. Sore throat without fever can still be very dangerous.

Treatment of catarrhal sore throat

When treating catarrhal sore throat, bed rest is especially important. A person needs to move less, have less contact with other people and not burden the body with physical exercises. To strengthen the immune system, it is advisable to consume a vitamin complex, eat large quantities of vegetables and fruits, reduce the content of fatty foods in your diet, and drink large quantities of liquid.

Gargling can help not only relieve pain, but also kill harmful germs. In the early stages of the disease, gargling is recommended every two to three hours. When the condition improves, you can rinse every three to four hours. You can use decoctions of various herbs for gargling your throat - chamomile, sage, eucalyptus. A solution of boiled water mixed with soda and iodine helps with catarrhal sore throat. At the pharmacy, you can buy ready-made preparations for rinsing the throat - chlorhexidine and stomatidine.

Another effective way to treat angina without fever is inhalation. This procedure can be carried out using medicinal herbs or oils. The throat should be kept warm. You can wrap it with a scarf or attach a semi-alcohol compress. But it is worth remembering that any compress cannot be kept for more than four hours, and, of course, it is forbidden to leave it overnight.

For the treatment of catarrhal sore throat, pharmacists recommend two options - tablets and sprays. It is them that will be offered to you in the pharmacy. Antibiotics also give a good effect in treating the disease. But they can only be used after consulting a doctor.

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