How To Cure Leg Pain

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How To Cure Leg Pain
How To Cure Leg Pain
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A healthy person does not think about his legs as a means of transportation. When the legs are healthy, they simply do not feel, but with the appearance of edema, aching pain, which gradually becomes simply unbearable, it is time to take care of your health. Most often, pain comes unexpectedly and often it is interconnected with other diseases.

How to cure leg pain
How to cure leg pain


  • - leaves of medicinal Kalanchoe;
  • - alcohol.


Step 1

Legs can hurt for various reasons, which are a signal of an internal disease of the body. Diabetes mellitus begins precisely with pain in the legs, overweight also puts a lot of stress on the legs. However, most often these are symptoms of diseases of the joints, muscles and ligaments, that is, rheumatic diseases.

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Age-related wear and tear of the joints, in which the legs swell and hurt, is arthrosis. It occurs in elderly people, not earlier than 50 years. Joint inflammation caused by bacterial diseases is arthritis. It is manifested by attacks of fever, fever and unbearable pain.

Step 3

Chronic arthritis results from salt deposition. During the course of the disease, the inner lining of the joint grows, destroying the cartilage. The joint hardens and deforms, mobility is limited, and the pain becomes stronger, gradually atrophy of muscle mass occurs.

Step 4

To cure leg pain, you must first get rid of excess weight, as it puts pressure on your ankles and knees. It is advisable to arrange therapeutic fasting. Nutrition significantly affects the health of the joints, so you should consume less salt, spicy food and meat. The diet should mostly consist of vegetables and fruits.

Step 5

Swimming will have a positive effect not only on the general condition of the body, but also will help the joints to gain health. In addition, it is necessary to constantly drink herbal tea. Tea with birch bark and nettle will help to establish metabolism and support the kidneys, tea with thyme and St. John's wort will relieve inflammation, and cleanse the body of excess salts from dandelion extract and comfrey.

Step 6

You can get rid of aching pain in the legs with the help of a tincture of Kalanchoe leaves. To do this, put 5 tablespoons of crushed Kalanchoe leaves in a glass or ceramic container and add alcohol. Then cover the container with a lid and put in a dark place for a week. When the tincture is ready, you need to rub it on your feet at night, starting from the feet. The pain will subside after 3-5 sessions, if there are varicose nets on the legs, they will disappear no earlier than after a couple of months, subject to daily use.

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