What To Do If Your Nose Is Cold

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What To Do If Your Nose Is Cold
What To Do If Your Nose Is Cold
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In the cold season, the nose often freezes. And if the thermometer drops a few degrees lower, and this can become dangerous for the skin and for health in general.



Fatty cream, headdress, tea, coffee, apple juice, chamomile infusion, glycerin


Step 1

Often, redness of the nose occurs from hypothermia. Therefore, when going outside, be sure to dress warmly: use woolen and layered clothing. Be sure to wear a hat on your head. In very cold weather, wrap a scarf around your nose. It is better to prevent frostbite than to deal with its consequences later. A red nose appears due to hypothermia of the head. In order not to shake from the cold, drink a cup of hot tea, cocoa or coffee before going outside.

Step 2

It used to be that frozen body parts should be rubbed with snow. But now it has been scientifically proven that this should not be done. Indeed, when rubbing with snow, warming occurs, but this process is very slow. In addition, there may be grains of sand or ice in the snow, which can easily damage delicate skin. Keep in mind that frostbitten skin has little to no protection from all sorts of microbes that may be in the snow.

Step 3

For half an hour or an hour before going outside, be sure to lubricate your nose and other parts of your face with a fat cream. It is important to do this exactly ahead of time. Otherwise, water particles that have penetrated the skin from the cream will freeze in the cold. For the same reason, apply liquid foundation (cream, concealer, corrector) as early as possible before going outside. Correct and dense makeup will also serve as a good face protection from the cold.

Step 4

In winter, it is imperative to do face masks so that the skin is renewed and promotes faster blood flow. For an anti-redness mask, take 1/3 of apple juice, 1/3 of chamomile infusion and 1/3 of glycerin. Mix all components and apply on face for five minutes. Remove the mask after 5 minutes. If you do the procedure in the evening, you can leave the mixture of substances overnight and do not rinse with water. However, if you suffer from dilated blood vessels, do not use masks to promote their greater expansion. Yeast components especially strongly affect the vessels. The best option for you are masks suitable for sensitive skin.

Step 5

Another recipe against redness: mix grated apple and lime blossom infusion. Add a couple of drops of lemon. Apply the mixture to problem areas, and after 10 minutes rinse with warm boiled water. Use this mask no more than three times a week. Make nose lotions with chamomile infusion. Be sure to use self-massage: massage problem areas with point movements. Then apply the cream. Such measures will help rehabilitate a frostbite nose. You can also do the massage before going outside: the blood will flow faster and will not let your nose freeze.

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