How To Recover From Flu Quickly

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How To Recover From Flu Quickly
How To Recover From Flu Quickly
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Influenza is a viral disease, so it will not be possible to cure it in 1-2 days. The body needs time to defeat the virus that caused the disease. To improve well-being and relieve symptoms, some drugs will help, as well as measures taken in time to eliminate the disease. Influenza can cause a number of complications, it is better to call a doctor before you start treatment, as the symptoms of the disease can be blurred by taking medications and it will be more difficult to diagnose.

How to recover from flu quickly
How to recover from flu quickly


Step 1

Wait for the doctor's appointment or visit the hospital yourself. If you have a high fever, take paracetamol. It is especially important not to take other medications if you decide to have a blood test to identify the causative agent of the virus. Each year, different strains become the causative agents of the virus, therefore, the treatment may vary somewhat.

Step 2

If you have been diagnosed, you can start taking your prescribed medications. Antiviral agents are usually prescribed, as well as immunomodulators. Take these drugs strictly in the dose that was prescribed or indicated in the annotation to the drug.

Step 3

Drinking plenty of fluids will not hurt. Drink tea, compote and juices. If you have raspberry jam, mix two teaspoons in 200 ml of water and drink. Instead of raspberries, the leaves of this plant or currant leaves are also suitable, which it is better to stock up on in spring. Try not to drink carbonated drinks, the exception may be mineral water.

Step 4

Measure your body temperature, if it is normal, take a shower. Water will wash away pathogenic bacteria, but watch the temperature of the water, do not make it too hot or, on the contrary, cool. Do not take a bath, long contact with water is undesirable.

Step 5

Many modern drugs have appeared in pharmacies that help to eliminate the symptoms of influenza. If your cardiovascular system is working properly, you can take them. They significantly improve well-being, and the disease is much easier.

Step 6

The influenza virus infects the body as a result of a weakened immune response. To boost immunity, eat lemons, grapefruits, or just take vitamin C. But remember, if you take any remedy that relieves the symptoms of the disease, it may contain a high content of this vitamin, so the use of additional funds is highly discouraged.

Step 7

If you were treated without first consulting a therapist, be sure to take a general blood test after recovery. Influenza sometimes gives complications to organs, and this can only be detected with the help of a biochemical blood test, and preferably also urine.

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