How Are Almonds Used In Traditional Medicine?

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How Are Almonds Used In Traditional Medicine?
How Are Almonds Used In Traditional Medicine?
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Even in antiquity, almonds were considered a valuable medicine. Today, in folk medicine and cosmetology, both the nut kernels themselves and almond oil are used. The healing properties of almonds are due to their rich chemical composition.

How are almonds used in traditional medicine?
How are almonds used in traditional medicine?

Almonds: vitamins, micro- and macroelements

Almond kernels contain a huge amount of various vitamins and other substances useful for the human body. These include vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9), PP, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A. Almonds contain calcium, which is so useful for bones, hair and nails; magnesium; sodium; phosphorus; potassium; chlorine and sulfur.

Also, this nut is rich in iron, zinc, iodine and fluoride. And most of all in almonds potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine. The main component of the kernel is a fatty non-drying oil that contains oleic acid glyceride, stearic, linoleic, palmeic acids. Therefore, almond oil is useful as a laxative and choleretic agent and is widely used in the preparation of various ointments, creams and other cosmetics.

Several recipes

In folk medicine, almonds are used to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases. Nut kernel oil is used as an analgesic, soothing and anti-inflammatory agent, as a cure for coughs and diseases of the oral cavity (for example, stomatitis).

Eating almonds in reasonable doses helps to regulate the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Helps with gastritis, duodenal ulcer, anemia, insomnia. Often, almond oil is used to improve brain activity by people engaged in intense mental work. This is due to the high energy value of the nut.

In addition, in folk medicine, almonds are used as a remedy for baldness: crushed kernels are mixed with milk, the resulting gruel is used as a mask for the scalp. Sweet almonds with sugar are often used as a remedy for cramps and numbness in the limbs, and a decoction from the seeds is used in the fight against smallpox.

For stomach ulcers, traditional medicine recommends the following remedy. To prepare it you will need:

- sweet almond kernels - 30 g;

- bitter almond kernels - 1 pc.;

- milk - 100 g;

- cream - 50 g.

The kernels need to be crushed and mixed with milk and cream at room temperature. The tool should be taken twice a day, half an hour before meals.

If you want a natural soothing and pain reliever, take 10 drops of almond oil before meals. In case of an acute cough, put about 5-8 drops of oil on a sugar cube and take it three times a day.

Traditional medicine also recommends almond and almond oil as great beauty products. For example, a mixture of 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of almond oil is suitable for daily skin cleansing.

A mask will help moisturize and rejuvenate dry skin, for the preparation of which you need to take:

- ground almond kernels - 2 tablespoons;

- sour milk - 170 ml.

The ingredients must be mixed and applied to the face and neck for about an hour. The mask is washed off with warm water. It is best to apply a course 10 times every other day.

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