Atheroma: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

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Atheroma: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment
Atheroma: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

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Atheroma, or retention cyst, is a benign neoplasm caused by a blockage of the sebaceous gland. The expanded excretory duct has clear boundaries, rounded shapes. In most cases, the patient is not worried about painful sensations, but growing to a significant size, atheroma causes cosmetic defects.

Atheroma: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Atheroma: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

The main reasons for the appearance of atheroma

The main reasons for blockage of the sebaceous gland include:

  • blocking the outflow of sebaceous secretions caused by damage to the hair follicles;
  • excessive thickening of the sebaceous secretion and violation of its excretion;
  • defects in the development of the sebaceous gland;
  • trauma;
  • Gardner's syndrome is a hereditary pathology in which multiple atheromas occur;

  • hormonal disorders.

Symptoms of atheroma

Atheroma can be located anywhere in the body. A subcutaneous neoplasm can grow rapidly. When viewed in the center of the atheroma, you can see the edematous and enlarged excretory duct. The boundaries of the neoplasm are clear, the contents are mobile.

With inflammation, the body temperature may rise, in the area of ​​atheroma, swelling and redness appear. With a spontaneous opening, there is an abundant separation of sebum or pus.

Diagnosis and treatment of atheroma

An experienced doctor will immediately distinguish atheroma from lipoma or hygroma. In addition to visual examination, additional examinations are carried out after the surgical removal of the contents and the capsule.

Currently, not only the removal of atheroma with a conventional scalpel is carried out, but also radio wave, laser removal. The patient must clearly understand that it is impossible to get rid of atheroma with the help of alternative methods or conservative treatment.

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