Useful Properties Of Mint

Useful Properties Of Mint
Useful Properties Of Mint

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Mankind has known mint for a long time. In cooking, it is used because it has a specific taste, but, in my opinion, its main vocation is to be a cure for many problems.

Useful properties of mint
Useful properties of mint

There are a lot of useful properties of mint. Among them - anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, diuretic and choleretic, sedative. It is recommended for various problems with the heart, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, etc. It normalizes the functioning of many organs and systems of the human body, and is also widely used in cosmetics and cooking.

Most often, mint can be found in medicines and dietary supplements designed to alleviate colds, coughs and runny nose of various origins (it remarkably softens the throat, makes it easier to speak, makes breathing easier, lowers the temperature), motion sickness. It is also used in natural combined sedatives, immunomodulators.

The most popular is mint tea. By its action, it can be considered a real medicine, since it can relieve headaches, reduce high blood pressure, and help calm down in a stressful situation. This tea is easy to make on your own - just add a small sprig of dried mint to the teapot (you can use both black and green tea) and brew as usual.

used in aromatherapy for the same purposes. Purchase a bottle of peppermint oil. The cost of this product is very low, and you can use it at will - for example, in an aroma lamp or for massage, taking a bath, as an additive in hair masks, etc.

Do not forget that every medicine, even if it is completely natural, has. These include the individual intolerance of this plant. Care should be taken to give mint to people with constantly low blood pressure, children. Consult your doctor if you have any chronic diseases!

Please note that there are many types of this useful plant in nature. On sale, most often, you can find peppermint or lemon balm.

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