AHD 2000: Instructions And Indications For Use

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AHD 2000: Instructions And Indications For Use
AHD 2000: Instructions And Indications For Use

Modern medicine is unthinkable without the use of antiseptic drugs. After all, they have the most effective properties that are in great demand in this area of ​​application. One of these means is "AHD 2000", intended for surgical and hygienic antiseptics of the skin.


The drug "AHD 2000", being an effective antiseptic of the last generation, is currently in great demand, both for medical purposes and for hygiene in a wide variety of sectors of human life, including catering, food industry, educational and preventive institutions, organizations from spheres "Beauty and Health", etc. The drug can be purchased in a regular pharmacy network without presenting a special prescription from a doctor. According to the reviews of medical specialists and representatives of other specialties, who by the nature of their activities regularly use it, "AHD 2000" fully complies with all the necessary requirements for this kind of drugs.

In the medical field, it is mainly used for the antibacterial treatment of the outer skin of both personnel and patients. In general, the area of ​​its use is focused on the properties of the drug, which has antiviral, bactericidal and antibacterial qualities. "AHD 2000" very quickly (within 30 seconds after application to the skin surface) begins to show itself effectively. This solution completely destroys all types of microorganisms (pathogenic and non-pathogenic), as well as various viruses and disease-causing forms, including bacteria and fungi.

The optimal use of this spray as an antiseptic is also determined by its ability to maintain its pharmacological properties even in close contact with proteins and biological fluid. After being applied to the skin, it does not enter the bloodstream, which characterizes it as an extremely safe agent. This spray is produced by manufacturers in the form of liquid solutions. The containers used for the drug in the retail pharmacy network vary in volume (from 125 milliliters to 5 liters). The drug goes on sale in bottles with nebulizers and in cans. Its varieties differ in the way they are stored and applied.

General information about the drug includes the following:

- the form of sale implies an over-the-counter option;

- country of origin - Germany;

- pharmaceutical group: antiseptic drugs of other groups.

Indications and instructions for use

The practice of using the drug "AHD 2000" includes surgery and the field of hygiene. The spray is applied to the skin surface, including the hands and forearms, during various manipulations of the personnel. The use of a local solution excludes its dilution. When applying it to the skin of your hands, you should first wash and dry them. Otherwise, the pharmacological effect of the drug may be lost.


The instructions for use of this product contain detailed recommendations for its use for hygienic, antiseptic and surgical purposes. In this regard, surgical personnel need to rub it into the skin of the hands after applying there in small amounts (at least four minutes). For a one-time use, it is enough to use the drug in a volume of about 10 ml. For hygienic purposes, this topical antiseptic must be applied to the skin, where it must be rubbed in for thirty seconds. After completing this procedure, it is important to very thoroughly wash your hands with which the preparation was rubbed.

"AHD 2000" can also be used as a spray for treating the patient's skin.In this case, after application, it must be rubbed into the area where a surgical operation or a procedure requiring disinfection is planned. The solution must be left on the patient's skin for at least 15 seconds, and in areas where there are a large number of sebaceous glands, it must be kept for up to 10 minutes. When using a medical product, it is important to observe precautions to prevent contact with mucous surfaces and eyes. And in case of unauthorized entry there, you should immediately rinse this place with plenty of water. After that, it is advisable to see a doctor.


100 grams of "AHD 2000" contains the following components:

- 75 grams of denatured ethanol;

- 25 grams of additional ingredients, including lactic acid, fragrance, skin care complex and water.

The drug "AHD 2000 Express"

The medical product AHD 2000 Express is an analogue of the antiseptic agent AHD 2000. It also has antiviral, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. And the scope of its application relates to the processing of the skin. It is used for hygiene and surgical procedures.


This antiseptic was most widely used in medical practice related to the treatment of the hands of medical personnel and the operating field of the patient, as well as for the preparation of the elbow bend for blood transfusion or blood analysis. AHD 2000 Express has found wide application in the food industry. This primarily concerns catering points for the hygienic processing of tables and other surfaces, where it is necessary to maintain the greatest cleanliness. In addition, this antiseptic is used in medical institutions, preschool and school educational institutions, in nursing homes, at public utilities, in beauty salons, as well as for household purposes.

The drug comes to retail in packaging from 100 milliliters to 1 liter. In this regard, the price range may vary depending on the amount of funds, the region of residence and the pharmacy network in the range from 150 to 1000 rubles. Separately, it should be noted that reviews of this drug, both from medical workers and from representatives of other spheres of life, posted on independent information sites on the Internet, testify exclusively to its positive pharmacological properties.

Side effects and contraindications

The antiseptic drug has no obvious side effects identified clinically. However, it should be borne in mind that in some cases, individual allergic reactions associated with individual ingredients that make up this product are possible. In this regard, it is necessary to carefully study it.


Contraindications for the use of AHD 2000 solution include the following cases:

- individual intolerance to the solution or one of its components;

- the presence of inflammatory formations on the skin surface where it is planned to apply this spray;

- mucous membranes and eyes;

- pregnancy and lactation.

Overdose, storage conditions

Despite the fact that an overdose of the drug occurs quite rarely, if there is a possible danger of such a case, an urgent need to consult a doctor. If the antiseptic gets inside the body, you should immediately rinse the stomach and apply appropriate therapy, which helps to exclude poisoning.


Conditions and shelf life of "AHD 2000" are as follows:

- "AHD 2000" is recommended to be stored in a dry and dark place away from open fire and direct sunlight at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius;

- "AHD 2000" is suitable for use within 3 years after manufacture.

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