What To Do If Eyelids Swell After Sleep

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What To Do If Eyelids Swell After Sleep
What To Do If Eyelids Swell After Sleep

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Puffiness of the eyelids is a common problem for people who are not even burdened with numerous diseases, incl. chronic. In the overwhelming majority of cases, doctors call the main cause of the unpleasant phenomenon the weak ability of the body to naturally remove fluid. Since the skin of the eyelids is extremely thin, puffiness is also visible here more than in other parts of the body.

What to do if eyelids swell after sleep
What to do if eyelids swell after sleep


You can prevent morning eyelid swelling by dripping 20% ​​Sulfacil sodium, or Sulfacetamide, into your eyes before going to bed. If you suspect that the eyelids swell after sleep in response to prolonged sitting in front of a computer monitor (especially at night), then you can use 0.3% Vizin, Taufon, Ciprofloxacin-Akos, Oftagel, Likontin, etc. eye drops. preparations include active ingredients that resist drying out of the cornea, relieve irritation. As a result, rested eyelids do not swell after sleep.

Puffiness of the eyelids in the morning can be caused by allergies. In this case, eye drops Cromohexal, Alomid, Ketotifen, etc. will help. However, it should be remembered that these drugs do not treat the cause - an allergic disease, but only relieve unpleasant symptoms, incl. swelling after sleep.

Folk remedies

The eyelids can become swollen after sleep if makeup is not removed in the evening. Either it was removed incorrectly, or aggressive means were used. The situation is aggravated in the case of using low-quality cosmetics or cosmetics that are not intended for the skin around the eyes. The quickest way to get rid of the swelling caused by these reasons is to apply compresses. Brew tea bags, cool the bags and place them over your eyes for 5-10 minutes. Then apply a moisturizer for the eyes and gently pat it into your skin with a light patting motion. By the way, tea bags can be replaced with chamomile bags, which are sold in a pharmacy or cotton pads dipped in milk.

A great alternative to tea and chamomile bags are the so-called ice masks. They are sold in pharmacies and are plastic bags filled with gel. They should be stored in the refrigerator (this is not quite a folk remedy, but by the nature of its use it is very similar to home compresses). If necessary, remove the ice mask from the refrigerator and place it on your closed eyes for a few minutes.

If you don't want to spend money on gel masks, buy a pair of elastic rings from the pharmacy, designed for teething toddlers. Place the rings in the refrigerator, take them out when you want to remove swelling from the eyelids. Just apply them over the eye area and lie quietly with the muscles of your face relaxed. The effect will be almost the same as when applying a gel mask.

And here are a few more recipes for masks from a folk medicine. Boil the potato tuber in its uniform, cut it in half, let it cool slightly and put in slices on closed eyes for half an hour. With a mixture of chopped parsley and sour cream, smear the eyelids and hold for 8-10 minutes, then wash with warm water and apply a light cream.

Outdoor gymnastics. Exercise and sweating, as well as the flow of oxygen to the tissues, will quickly eliminate swelling from the eyes. If it is not possible to go out into the park or courtyard, do exercises in front of an open window.

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