How Is Chickenpox In Adolescents

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How Is Chickenpox In Adolescents
How Is Chickenpox In Adolescents

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Chickenpox usually occurs during childhood. A child attending kindergarten carries this disease into the preschool period. However, not everyone is so lucky. Some chickenpox "overtakes" in adolescence. During this period, the disease is much more difficult to tolerate than in childhood. To avoid this, in some countries "windmills" are held.

How is chickenpox in adolescents
How is chickenpox in adolescents

Every year there are more and more adolescents with chickenpox. Against the background of the deteriorating environmental situation, there are cases of re-infection. But they do not proceed in such an aggressive form. Due to the fact that the transmission of the virus occurs by airborne droplets, they are infected in places of large concentrations of people.

Chickenpox symptoms

Signs of chickenpox in adolescents are similar to those of respiratory illness. It all starts with a rise in temperature, the appearance of a headache. The child feels chills, a runny nose appears. After about a day, rashes begin to appear, which begin to itch over time. Attempts to scratch the affected area will spread the rash. There is a chance to introduce an infection in this way. After a week, almost all of the teen's skin is covered with a rash. Body temperature during this period can rise to 40 degrees. Sometimes it causes intoxication of the body. Chickenpox disease in adolescence is dangerous complications. Possible manifestation of arthritis, bursitis, hepatitis, myocarditis, nephritis, pneumonia, sepsis, enteritis.

How to behave during chickenpox

A teenager is prescribed bed rest during this period. Due to the fact that the disease is very contagious, the patient should be isolated from other people. Based on the severity of the disease, this can last from 12 to 21 days. During this period, antihistamines are prescribed. In case of a strong increase in temperature, antipyretic drugs are taken. But in no case should a child be given aspirin during a chickenpox illness. This is fraught with damage to the cells of the brain and liver. You need to drink a lot and often.

To relieve itching, take herbal baths. For this, sage, oak bark, calendula, chamomile are suitable. You can make compresses from the decoctions of these plants. And of course, the traditional brilliant green, which does not lose its relevance in the fight against this disease. Apply it only to the affected areas. The pharmacy also has more modern means. The most famous is acyclovir.

Is it worth getting vaccinated

There is an opportunity to get vaccinated against chickenpox. If a person who has undergone the procedure gets sick, he suffers a mild malaise without complications. "Should I do it?" - the opinion of the experts was divided. Therefore, the question: "Should a teenager who has not had chickenpox be vaccinated?" only his parents decide.

Since chickenpox in adolescents is very difficult and can cause complications, it is advised to undergo treatment in a hospital. There he will receive proper treatment and he will be under the constant supervision of specialists.

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