7 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

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7 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism
7 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

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For many people, the metabolism is slow. Because of this, it is quite difficult for them to lose weight and it is very easy for them to gain weight. Slow metabolism, in addition, leads to high fatigue, which prevents us from living a full and happy life. However, the metabolism can be easily sped up, and here's how to do it.

7 ways to speed up your metabolism
7 ways to speed up your metabolism


Step 1

Exercising in the early morning when you’re just up is effective in boosting your metabolism. You need to spend no more than 5 minutes of morning time to get a boost of vivacity for the whole day. You don't have to do anything complicated that requires a debt warm-up. You can vigorously dance, spin the exercise bike, run on the spot in a "ragged" rhythm, etc. You just need to "speed up" the pulse in 5 minutes, then rest for a couple of minutes - and you can do your usual things.

Step 2

Spices - black and red peppers, curry, turmeric - speed up the metabolism. Note that this does not only apply to hot spices; for example, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger work in a similar way. Add them to soups, meats, salads, and cinnamon and cardamom are great for desserts.

Step 3

Drink plenty of water - it is essential for metabolic processes!

Step 4

Monitor your thyroid function. In order for this gland to function properly, you need to eat foods rich in zinc, selenium, copper and iodine. The easiest way to get these minerals is from seafood and nuts, so make sure to include them in your diet.

Step 5

Don't skip breakfast. We often sacrifice our very first meal in favor of extra sleep, and then go to work on an empty stomach, or grab a dry sandwich. This has an extremely negative effect on metabolism. Always eat healthy and filling breakfast foods, such as ham scrambled eggs, porridge, fresh fruits and berries. But dinner should be unloaded as much as possible, and try not to eat at least three hours before bedtime.

Step 6

Build muscle mass. If you go to the gym, be sure to do muscle building exercises. Even if you don't have access to exercise machines, buy a pair of dumbbells or take water bottles to pump up your arms. In order to strengthen the muscles in your legs, use elastic bands that need to be stretched with force.

Step 7

Alternate between exertion and rest. Take care of the stress for your body - walk home, climb stairs, regularly visit the gym, go out into nature. Rest is just as important, especially sleep. Set aside at least eight hours for it and provide good conditions: a comfortable bed, a ventilated room, and an empty stomach.

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