What Is The 17 Day Diet

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What Is The 17 Day Diet
What Is The 17 Day Diet

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This diet was invented by Mike Moreno. It has become the most popular weight loss system. With a responsible approach, it really helps not only to lose extra pounds, but also to put your body in order.

17-day diet
17-day diet


  • -The desire to cope with extra pounds
  • - Refuse alcohol during the diet
  • - Endurance and patience
  • -Willpower
  • The desire to see yourself rejuvenated and beautiful


Step 1


The stage lasts the first 17 days. The most crucial moment in the area of ​​calorie consumption. In the daily diet, the total number of calories should not exceed 1200. In the first stage, you should use a low-carb meal plan. Adding fruits, lean meat and other foods to the diet will allow the body to lose those extra pounds even faster. Water consumption increases, metabolism accelerates.


Step 2


17 to 34 days. The process includes a uniform change of diets - sometimes high in calories, then low. This will speed up your metabolism without stopping your weight loss. Moreover, it is the burning of fat that will begin, and not weight loss due to fluid loss, as in the first stage. The approximate amount of calories consumed per day is 1500.


Step 3


35-68 days. Stopping the accelerated weight loss processes and developing a healthy diet. In stage 3, weight loss is significantly reduced than in the previous stages. As much fruit and grains as possible should be added to the diet, the consumption of even lean meat is strictly controlled. During this period, you can "bite", as well as drink a small glass of wine or beer.


Step 4

"Triumph of the Total"

End of the diet, but some weekend excesses are allowed here. You need to eat in the same way as in the previous stages. In fact, you should already notice a decrease in weight on a responsible hike.

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