5 Supplements For Weight Loss

5 Supplements For Weight Loss
5 Supplements For Weight Loss

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Today, more and more new weight loss drugs are entering the market, and more and more people are skeptical about such drugs. But besides these medications, there are supplements, some of which can actually help you lose weight.

5 supplements for weight loss
5 supplements for weight loss

Whey protein

Whey protein is known for its muscle building properties. In addition, it helps to curb appetite, thereby allowing you to eat less and lose weight. Whey protein is a natural product derived from whey that is quickly digested by the body.

Hydroxycitric acid

Hydroxycitric acid is obtained from the fruits of the Garcinia Cambogia tree, which grows in Southeast Asia. From the dried peel of the fruit, a product is produced that is used to combat obesity. There have been studies that have shown that dietary supplements that include garcinia help block fat formation, reduce appetite, lower cholesterol, and increase metabolism.


Glucomannan is very effective in controlling blood sugar levels, treating diabetes, and also fighting obesity. It is a dietary fiber derived from the Asian plant Amorphophallus. Glucomannan has long been used in Asia as a health food and also in medicine. These fibers have the ability to retain water, thereby helping to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the absorption of carbohydrates. Studies have shown that glucomannan promotes weight loss in overweight people.


Chitosan is also a fiber sourced from chitin. Chitin is part of the shell of crustaceans and insects. Chitosan supplements may be prescribed to lower cholesterol levels as well as to reduce excess weight.

Beta glucan

Beta glucan is a soluble fiber found in fungi, algae, and yeast. Beta glucan is known to help lower cholesterol levels, treat diabetes, and also promote weight loss.

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