How To Recover From An Ectopic Pregnancy

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How To Recover From An Ectopic Pregnancy
How To Recover From An Ectopic Pregnancy
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Pregnancy is called ectopic if the implantation of a fertilized egg does not take place in the uterus. Most often, with this pathology, the egg is implanted into the fallopian tubes, less often into the ovary or abdominal cavity. In the vast majority of cases, an ectopic pregnancy must be terminated surgically. A woman after such an operation will have a recovery period.

How to recover from an ectopic pregnancy
How to recover from an ectopic pregnancy


Step 1

After an ectopic pregnancy, about half of women experience some kind of difficulty when trying to re-conceive a child. Therefore, you should not neglect the medical procedures prescribed by the doctor, they are designed to restore the body after the surgery.

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After the operation, the woman remains in the hospital for some time. During this time, doctors carry out infusion therapy, which allows to restore water-salt metabolism, disturbed due to blood loss. The patient drinks a course of antibiotics, which are designed to protect her from infectious complications, because the body at this stage is weakened. Physiotherapeutic procedures are also used - electrophoresis, laser therapy, magnetotherapy.

Step 3

After discharge, the woman needs to continue to take good care of her health. You should rest as much as possible and walk in the fresh air, eat right. If after what happened, you feel psychological discomfort, it is useful to visit a therapist who will help you cope with the loss. During recovery, carefully monitor contraception - a second pregnancy at this stage will be dangerous to your health.

Step 4

If you did not visit an endocrinologist in the hospital, do it after discharge and get tested for hormones. The altered hormonal background could both precede an ectopic pregnancy and become its result. It is also useful to be examined for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, which could also cause the implantation of an egg in the wrong place.

Step 5

A woman who has survived an ectopic pregnancy can still conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. You should start planning no earlier than six months after the operation. It would be better to postpone the appearance of the child for a year or two. Your new pregnancy should be closely monitored by a doctor.

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