Hemorrhoids - To Be Treated, Not Ashamed

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Hemorrhoids - To Be Treated, Not Ashamed
Hemorrhoids - To Be Treated, Not Ashamed
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Hemorrhoids are the most common rectal disease. About 12-16 percent of adults suffer from this disease. It can be easily diagnosed and very easily treatable at an early stage of development.

Hemorrhoids - to be treated, not ashamed
Hemorrhoids - to be treated, not ashamed

Causes of the disease

The disease develops as a result of an increase in arteries and veins in the anal canal. As a result, hemorrhoids expand and in some cases fall out. If you feel the symptoms of this delicate problem, for example, there is discomfort, itching in the anal canal or blood appears during bowel movements, then you should immediately contact a proctologist.

To avoid the appearance of hemorrhoids, doctors advise not to sit on the toilet for a long time, not to abuse alcoholic beverages, not to lift weights, and also to constantly monitor the state of the intestines, to prevent constipation.

Women begin to suffer from this disease mainly during pregnancy and after childbirth, since the uterus is enlarged and begins to put pressure on the veins, as a result of which the blood stagnates and the veins of the rectum expand.


Hemorrhoids can only be diagnosed by a specialist, before visiting which it is necessary to cleanse the intestines with an enema. The proctologist usually uses the digital diagnostic method, sometimes rectoscopy is done - this is a study of the rectum with a special device, the tube of which is inserted about 20 cm into the anus. This is a rather painful procedure.

Currently, fibrocolonoscopy is performed in modern hospitals. At the same time, a flexible tourniquet is introduced into the rectum and the state of the mucous membrane is analyzed, observing this process on the monitor. This procedure is performed with pain relief. Before the examination, the patient must take special drugs that help cleanse the intestines.

Hemorrhoid treatment

Most often, conservative treatment is carried out with the help of ointments or suppositories that have an anti-inflammatory effect. The duration of treatment is 6 weeks to 6 months. If the patient's condition does not improve, then surgery is used.

Patients are not advised to use toilet paper, it is recommended to use wet wipes or wash with warm water after emptying.

Since constipation is one of the causes of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to monitor the diet. Doctors recommend consuming more fluids and increasing the amount of foods containing fiber, dairy products in the diet, and pasta, hot spices and cereals from semolina and wheat should be excluded from the menu.

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