How To Speed Up Healing Of Gums After Tooth Extraction

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How To Speed Up Healing Of Gums After Tooth Extraction
How To Speed Up Healing Of Gums After Tooth Extraction

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Teeth grow with pain and fever, and hurt from caries, and they need to be cleaned every day, and then treated and removed when everything else no longer helps. Even when removed, they pose a ton of problems.

What could be worse
What could be worse


Step 1

Immediately after tooth extraction, you leave the office with a cotton swab in your mouth. It is designed to prevent you from bleeding or swallowing. Don't keep it between your jaws locked all day. Spit it out. With normal clotting, usually 15-20 minutes is enough to stop bleeding. Don't worry if your saliva still turns red after this time. In one or two hours, everything will pass.

Step 2

Immediately after tooth extraction, you should not eat or drink for 2 hours. Every dentist warns about this. You will not have to drink alcohol for a whole day. For 24 hours it is necessary to refuse spicy and hot food.

Step 3

On the first day after removal, it is not recommended to rinse your mouth. In the hole, which turned out after tooth extraction, a plug from a blood clot formed. It protects your mouth wound from pathogens and infections. Do not remove it by rinsing or licking it with your tongue. Try not to touch the sore spot with your tongue on the first day.

Step 4

Prepare a rinse solution the day after surgery. A decoction of chamomile or sage is suitable for him. You can use a solution of potassium permanganate or furacilin. Rinse your mouth with a liquid at your body temperature. Therefore, make the solution for the whole day at a slightly higher concentration than necessary, and dilute a single serving (100 ml) with hot boiling water. Repeat the rinse every hour for three days.

Step 5

For two days, give up bath and laundry procedures. Any heating of the body, saunas, steam rooms and hammam is strictly prohibited. Even local heating pads on the sore spot can cause bleeding. For the same reason, you cannot drink or eat hot.

Step 6

You cannot engage in heavy physical labor for two days, lift weights and bend over. Some dental clinics issue sick leave certificates for this period of time.

Step 7

If you are in severe pain, take oral pain relievers or get an injection. It is strictly forbidden to put any preparations, ointments or other substances in place of the extracted tooth. If the pain persists on the third day, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Step 8

Complete restoration of the gingival bed occurs by the end of the third week, provided that all of the above rules are met. During this time, try not to gnaw bones or drink pure alcohol. The slightest wound or burn can provoke alveolitis - inflammation of the hole.

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