What Does Prostate Massage Mean?

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What Does Prostate Massage Mean?
What Does Prostate Massage Mean?
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The prostate gland is an organ of the male reproductive system that produces secretions that are necessary for sperm thinning. The prostate is located in the small pelvis between the bladder and rectum. To improve its functioning and prevent the development of such pathology as prostatitis, a special massage will help.

What does prostate massage mean?
What does prostate massage mean?

When is prostate massage prescribed?

Prostate massage stimulates the secretion of secretions from the gland, and with it, pathogenic microorganisms. Mechanical effect on the organ leads to irritation of nerve endings, dilation of blood vessels, improvement of lymph circulation and blood supply to the prostate. This explains the therapeutic effect of the massage.

The indications for its implementation are: prostatitis, impaired impotence, inflammation of the seminal vesicles. The massage course speeds up recovery and allows you to get the secret of the prostate for analysis. Healthy men are shown similar preventive procedures in order to maintain sexual activity, because prostate massage can increase potency, lengthen sexual intercourse and enhance orgasm.

Contraindications to such a massage are: acute stage of prostatitis, stones in the prostate, prostate tumor, urinary retention, cracks in the rectum, exacerbation of hemorrhoids, acute infectious diseases, tuberculosis of the gland. Massage with these pathologies can cause prostate edema and the spread of infection to the urinary organs.

Prostate massage technique

The doctor performing prostate massage should be fluent in the technique of its implementation. The qualifications of a specialist determine the tolerance of the procedure by patients: the presence or absence of painful sensations and discomfort. The duration of one session is 2 minutes. Before performing the massage, the doctor examines the patient in order to detect an exacerbation of the disease, which is an absolute contraindication to its implementation. In some cases, patients are prescribed anti-infectious therapy before starting a massage course.

Just before the massage, the man fills his bladder. The patient lies on his right side and pulls his knees to his stomach. To relax the pelvic muscles, the prostate is massaged in the standing-bent or knee-elbow position of the patient. The massage course consists of 15 sessions, which are carried out 2 times a week. Then take a break for 20 days and repeat the course again.

The masseur acts on the prostate through the anus with a finger of his right hand, smeared with petroleum jelly. Massage movements - pressing and stroking. Finally, the specialist rubs the midline of the prostate to squeeze out its contents.

The massage can be done independently with the help of a special massager, on which a condom is put on, lubricated with lubricant and inserted into the anus. Before using the device at home for the first time, you should read its instructions.

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