How To Check Your Posture

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How To Check Your Posture
How To Check Your Posture

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It is pleasant to look at a person with good posture - a straight back, a toned belly, beautiful breasts. Correct body position in motion and at rest is one of the indicators of health. But how do you know if you or your loved ones have posture problems?

How to check your posture
How to check your posture


Step 1

Turn sideways to the large mirror and take your usual position. With good posture, the head and body should be in a straight, vertical line. In this case, the back will be flat, the chest is slightly convex, the chest is tapered or cylindrical, the shoulder blades do not protrude, the stomach is slightly retracted and does not go beyond the line of the chest. Legs should be extended at the hip joints and knees.

Step 2

Now turn to face the reflection. With correct posture, the shoulders are deployed and slightly lowered, located at the same level. Legs are straight. The heels, legs, knees and thighs close without muscle tension with a gap under the knees and above the inner side of the ankles, and the inside of the foot does not touch the floor.

Step 3

Stand with your back against a flat cabinet or wall, put your legs and feet together, lower your arms and look straight. The head should also touch the wall. If the palm does not pass between the wall and the lower back, then the abdominal muscles are weakened, the spine is pulled forward, and your posture is not perfect.

Step 4

Measure with a measuring tape the distance from the seventh cervical vertebra (it is the most prominent) to the lower corners of the left and right scapula. Be in a relaxed position during the measurement. With correct posture, these distances are equal.

Step 5

Assess your posture using the shoulder index. Measure the width of the shoulders from the chest side with a measuring tape, and then from the back - the shoulder arch. Calculate the shoulder index using the formula: (shoulder width / shoulder arch) * 100%. Correct posture is characterized by a shoulder index ranging from 90% to 100%.

Step 6

Sit up straight with your arms extended in front of you and hold them on weight for at least 30 seconds. If it was not possible to keep the back in a straight position, it means that the muscle corset is very weak and insufficiently developed to constantly maintain correct posture.

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