How To Properly Prepare Celandine Medicinal

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How To Properly Prepare Celandine Medicinal
How To Properly Prepare Celandine Medicinal

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Celandine has long been famous for its healing medicinal properties - the name alone speaks for itself! The antitumor effect of this plant is especially appreciated in folk medicine. Celandine should be taken according to a certain scheme and under the supervision of a doctor, since in an incorrectly selected dosage it may even turn out to be poisonous. Ready-made preparations of celandine are sold in pharmacies, but it is better to prepare them yourself: this will give an absolute guarantee of the quality of raw materials, and it is very profitable economically.

How to properly prepare medicinal celandine
How to properly prepare medicinal celandine

Celandine grows everywhere; it is best, of course, to collect it in your personal plot, as well as in suburban forests or meadows. This plant must be harvested during the flowering period, that is, from mid-May to mid-June. There are several ways to prepare dried celandine. Here are two of them.

The first way

Collect celandine by pulling out the bushes together with the rhizomes, since they contain even more valuable substances than in the aerial part. Next, you need to place celandine in a basin and pour water over the rhizomes to soak off the dirt. Then the raw materials need to be thoroughly rinsed several more times under running water and laid out on a towel or large napkin to dry the moisture.

The next step is to cut the celandine along the stems into pieces about 3 cm long. This should be done with rubber gloves, as the plant sap leaves stains and even burns on the skin of the hands. Put the chopped celandine on a table covered with paper in a well-ventilated room - best of all on a balcony, terrace, under a canopy, etc. It is important that the grass is not exposed to direct sunlight. During the drying process, the grass must be constantly stirred - every 4-5 hours - so that the moisture evaporates evenly.

Rhizomes need to be cut and dried separately, as their drying time is longer. Especially thick pieces of celandine stem can be transferred to them.

After 4-6 days, celandine is ready. It should be placed in linen or paper bags or bags and stored in a dark place.

Second way

Cut celandine with a knife or sickle at the base of the rhizome, rinse well with running water. Tie small bundles of 4-5 bushes with threads and hang them to dry in a well-ventilated shaded area. Drying time is the same as for the first method. To determine whether the celandine is dry or not, you need to break one stem: if it breaks, then everything is ready, and if bent, then you need to keep the bunches of grass in the air for a couple of days. At the end of drying, the celandine must be broken by hand or cut into small pieces with scissors and stored.


It is not recommended to dry celandine in dryers, microwaves, ovens - even with low heating, some of the beneficial properties of the plant are lost.

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