How To Get Rid Of Bones On Your Feet

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How To Get Rid Of Bones On Your Feet
How To Get Rid Of Bones On Your Feet

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Bones on the feet are, as a rule, a female disease. And all because it is the ladies who prefer to wear tight, uncomfortable shoes. In model high-heeled shoes, the foot is in an uncomfortable position when the entire body weight falls on the forefoot. The fingers become uncomfortable, and from this the bones begin to move. So over time, a build-up on the foot is formed.

How to get rid of bones on your feet
How to get rid of bones on your feet


Step 1

With a significant deformity of the foot, get ready for the doctor to prescribe an operation for you.After it, relief will come immediately, the fingers will return to their normal position, and there will be no more pain. However, you will have to forget about narrow shoes, high-heeled shoes. Otherwise, the build-up will appear again.

Step 2

If the case has not yet started, and the bone is not yet very noticeable, then you can ease your position with massage. To do this, you need to knead it in a circular motion. And after the procedure, it is imperative to lubricate the skin around the growth with iodine so that it does not grow any more.

Step 3

To correct the disease, you need to do a special exercise. To do this, you need to wrap your thumb with tape and begin to slowly pull it away from the foot. This should be done very easily, without applying any special efforts. Movements should be returnable - back and forth. This is necessary to strengthen muscles, improve blood circulation and develop this area. If you do this exercise regularly, your thumb will return to its place.

Step 4

Another of the modern means of returning a finger to its rightful place is the use of an interdigital silicone pad. It creates space between the fingers and fixes them in the position in which they should be. If the bone has already appeared on the foot, then with the help of a silicone insert, you can insert the finger into place, thereby getting rid of the build-up.

Step 5

Another way of saving from bones can be the use of special orthopedic insoles-instep supports. They will give the foot a correct, physiological position, correcting foot defects.

Step 6

And, of course, another recipe loved by several generations of women is the use of iodine. There are several guidelines on how to use it. If the case is not running, only an iodine grid is drawn. If the bones are already sticking out and sore very much, then they are lubricated with a therapeutic agent entirely. And they do it several times a day.

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