Giardia: Symptoms In Children

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Giardia: Symptoms In Children
Giardia: Symptoms In Children

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Giardiasis is a fairly common disease that affects both the adult population of the planet and children. This ailment is found in all climatogeographic zones, so it is impossible to hide from it.

Giardia in children
Giardia in children

Especially often small parasites - lamblia, affect children, moreover, of different ages. Symptoms indicating infection with these microworms are very diverse, sometimes they are very similar to symptoms of other diseases. However, when parents nevertheless saw at least a couple of the symptoms listed below in their baby, then you should immediately seek help from a specialist.

The main symptoms

The doctor will definitely prescribe the necessary research. It should be understood that the sooner parents go to the clinic, the better it will be for their child. Worms appear in babies, first of all, with subfebrile body temperature. Such a temperature never exceeds the border of 37.5 degrees. When a child's temperature rises for a couple of weeks in the evening, for no reason, you should definitely visit a doctor so that a specialist will conduct the necessary examination.

The manifestation of the symptoms of this disease is expressed in the violation of the child's natural digestion process. The presence of disorders or chronic constipation is evidence of infection with these small parasites. However, it should be remembered that a similar phenomenon is characteristic of intestinal dysbiosis.

When a baby has a digestive system disorder, it is imperative that the child be examined for intestinal dysbiosis. A creak of teeth during rest, or rather sleep, can also indicate the existence of parasites in the child's body - lamblia.

Why are lamblia dangerous?

You should know that all the toxic substances secreted by these small parasites entering the baby's blood have a very negative effect on the functioning of the nervous system as a whole. As a result, there is a violation of its functional activity, leading to such a phenomenon as creaking teeth. The reduced vitality of the child should not be overlooked either.

A baby infected with these microorganisms feels more tired. His concentration ability of attention is reduced, moreover, it becomes more difficult for him to remember new information.

Sometimes the only symptom of giardiasis can only be a pulling pain that appears in the area of ​​the baby's tummy. At this time, the liver and spleen enlarge, which may also indicate the appearance of worms. It so happens that the child quite often feels coughing fits. In addition, there may be an increase in lymph nodes.

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