How To Remove Giardia From The Body

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How To Remove Giardia From The Body
How To Remove Giardia From The Body

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Giardia is excreted from the body in three stages, which allow restoring the enzymatic activity of the digestive system and immunity, as well as supporting the liver. Giardia can only be destroyed if you follow a strict diet. It is possible to use traditional medicine.


Giardia is a parasite that lives off another organism. Most often, giardiasis occurs in children, adults suffer from it less often. For the prevention of giardiasis, it is necessary to observe sanitary and hygienic rules when preparing food, personal hygiene rules, as well as keep the room clean and destroy flies. It is customary to deal with lamblia in three stages: the doctor determines the range of therapeutic measures in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body, the severity of the disease and clinical manifestations.

The first stage of treatment

At this stage, toxins are destroyed and removed from the body, measures are taken to eliminate the manifestation of endotoxicosis, normalize the enzymatic activity of the digestive system, eliminate motor-evacuation phenomena of the gastrointestinal tract, restore the body's immune system and maintain the liver. The patient is assigned a fruit and vegetable diet, milk, pastries, bread, pasta, and the like are excluded from the diet. During this period, the intake of choleretic drugs is shown - cholekinetics and cholespasmolytics, which include Sorbitol, Xylitol, No-shpa, Ursosan, Liobil, Metacil, Allohol and others.

If necessary, enterosorbents are prescribed: Lactafiltrum, Smecta, Polysorb and digestive enzymes: Festal, Mezim, pankteatin.

Second and third stages of treatment

At the second stage, possible allergic reactions are eliminated and membrane stabilizing therapy is prescribed, which has a detrimental effect on parasites. Indicated for use are drugs such as Trichopol, Furazolidone, Tiberal and others. Metronidazole and Ornitazole have the same effect. The patient is obliged to follow a strict diet, excluding animal fats, sucrose, salty and spicy foods, strong broths. The main treatment is complemented by the intake of vitamins and drugs for the treatment of dysbiosis.

The third stage is designed to restore the body and increase its defenses. You can raise immunity with the help of Methyluracil, Timogen, Timolin and others. Diet indulgences are not allowed, therapy with enterosorbents, hepatoprotectors, choleretic drugs and means of non-specific body defense - zinc preparations - continues. To enhance intestinal peristalsis allow mashed zucchini, pumpkin, carrots and beets. The patient's diet should be dominated by lactic acid products and rice. Elimination of dysbiosis continues.

Paraceptics and nutriceptics have good efficacy in the treatment of giardiasis. Phytotherapeutic treatment is connected to drug treatment: within two weeks, the patient must take a decoction of birch buds, and after a two-week break, continue treatment with bearberry decoction for 12 days.

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