How To Get Tested For Giardia

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How To Get Tested For Giardia
How To Get Tested For Giardia

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Giardiasis is a protozoal disease of the digestive system caused by lamblia. The disease can be asymptomatic or with minor disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The diagnosis of giardiasis is confirmed by laboratory tests for the presence of this pathogen in the body. Proper preparation for the delivery of this analysis, collection of material, its transportation is the key to obtaining a reliable research result.

How to get tested for Giardia
How to get tested for Giardia


  • - container for biological material;
  • - putty knife;
  • - jar;
  • - detergent;
  • - toiletries;
  • - furacilin solution;
  • - running water;
  • - preservative Safaraliev;
  • - preservative Turdyeva


Step 1

To diagnose giardiasis, laboratory tests are performed. Feces and venous blood serve as research material.

Step 2

When carrying out a parasitological examination of feces, lamblia cysts and their eggs are found. It is necessary to properly prepare for the delivery of the biomaterial, to correctly collect it in order to obtain a reliable result.

Step 3

Purchase a special sterile container for biological material from the pharmacy. Do not open the package until the time of the analysis, as this can lead to a violation of sterile conditions and distortion of the study results.

Step 4

Pee before collecting stool. Thoroughly wash your genital area and anus with warm water and detergent. You can use a ready-made solution of furacilin from a pharmacy.

Step 5

Drain the genital area and anus before donating stool to prevent the destruction of lamblia cysts by elements of detergent and water.

Step 6

Take the spatula from the biological material container and collect the stool. Do not fill the container with too much material.

Step 7

Label the container of biological material with the last name, first name and date of collection of the stool.

Step 8

Deliver the warm biological material to the laboratory within 20 minutes, but no later than 2 hours.

Step 9

In the blood, the determination of antibodies to lamblia antigens is carried out. Venous blood is used to determine antibodies.

Step 10

For 10 hours before the procedure for taking blood from a vein, you must stop eating. Before the procedure, you should exclude tea, coffee, juices, alcohol. A glass of water is allowed in the morning. The analysis is taken on an empty stomach.

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