How To Provide First Aid For Fainting

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How To Provide First Aid For Fainting
How To Provide First Aid For Fainting

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Fainting is a sudden and sudden loss of consciousness that occurs due to a weakening of the heart and a deterioration in breathing. This happens when the blood flow to the head and brain decreases.

How to provide first aid for fainting
How to provide first aid for fainting

Causes of fainting

The most common causes of circulatory system problems are deterioration of vascular tone, accumulation of blood in the lower body (outflow from the head), or a sharp drop in blood pressure.

Fainting can also occur on a nervous basis. Often the cause of loss of consciousness can be fright, nervous shock and other psychological moments. Also, fainting can happen due to a sharp change in position (quick rise from a sitting position), a long stay in a stuffy room, or with overwork and exhaustion.

It is known that fainting occurs more often in young people prone to nervous fatigue. For some time before fainting, dizziness, feeling unwell, weakness, and nausea are often felt. The skin usually turns pale and the lips lose their redness. The limbs gradually grow cold, the pulse becomes weak.

First aid

First aid for fainting is to follow simple instructions. It should be noted that a normal fainting spell does not last long (no more than five to ten minutes). If fainting is more prolonged, a doctor should be called immediately.

The patient needs to provide a free flow of fresh air, the windows should be opened, people present should be taken to the side, and tight clothing that interferes with breathing should be removed or unfastened. You should also give the victim to smell ammonia or vinegar. Whiskey can be rubbed with cologne or vinegar. The position of the patient should be such that the head is below the legs. These simple procedures will help to return a person to a normal state in a short time.

After the victim recovers, he should be immediately drunk with tea, coffee or brandy. Any products and substances that excite the nervous system will do.

Prolonged fainting can be very dangerous, therefore, even with a normal fainting, it is better to call a doctor before the patient regains consciousness. In the event that before his arrival the patient recovers on his own, it will only be better.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine recommends effective remedies for people prone to fainting. So, healers are advised to use an infusion of blue St. John's wort and a decoction of linden flowers.

Also, from folk remedies, it is often recommended to use a small amount of ginseng tincture. Sports activities and general strengthening of the body will be useful. From the products you should drink as much milk as possible, a little red wine, pomegranate juice, eat beets.

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