What Are The Best Vitamin Drops For The Eyes

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What Are The Best Vitamin Drops For The Eyes
What Are The Best Vitamin Drops For The Eyes

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Very often the eyes need a little rest and a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients. The relevance of various means for the eyes is due to the increased load on them, due to prolonged work at the computer and watching a television screen.

What are the best vitamin drops for the eyes
What are the best vitamin drops for the eyes

Indications for the use of vitamin drops

Depending on the circumstances, people in various fields of employment need help with their eyes. The developers of eye drops enriched with vitamin complexes recommend them for use by the following categories of the population:

- office workers who spend all day at a computer monitor and, as a result, have reddened eyes that have lost their visual acuity;

- people over forty years old - their visual acuity worsens due to age-related changes in the vascular system of the whole organism;

- people suffering from hyperopia or myopia;

- women with varicose veins and with a predisposition to thrombosis;

- people with cataracts or glaucoma, in the early stages of these diseases, vitamin drops stop their development;

- people suffering from diabetes mellitus;

- those who wear hard contact lenses and experience discomfort at the same time.

Along with the use of drops enriched with vitamins, experts recommend normalizing nutrition. Thus, the therapy will be most effective.

Selection of vitamin drops

When choosing a product for the eyes, you should not focus mainly on their price. You need to pay close attention to the composition.

Drops must necessarily contain:

- vitamin A, which helps the retina;

- thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), which help in the treatment of corneal dystrophy and have a positive effect on the nerve tissues that transmit impulses from the retina to the brain;

- blueberry extract and antioxidants that support vision and relieve fatigue;

- vitamin C, pyridoxine, vitamins PP and B12, folic acid.

An ophthalmologist can help in choosing vitamin drops. Having determined which vitamins are needed and what effect needs to be achieved, he will advise the most suitable ones.

The most famous of the offered eye drops that give good results are: "Quinax", "Prenacid", "Sankatalin", "Vita Yodurol", "Vizin", "Visiomax", "Mirtilene Forte", "Octylia" and "Okovit ".

In case of visual impairment and eye fatigue, "Kvinaks", "Taufon" and "Oftan-katakhrom" are recommended. If eye diseases are allergic in nature, the means "Cromohexal", "Lacrisifin" or "Prenacid" will help. Also, when treating allergic conjunctivitis, it is important for prevention to bury Aktipol, Ifiral, Opticrom, Oftan Idu, Vizin, Opatanol, Hi-Krom or Okumetil. It is recommended to apply them 2-4 weeks before the appearance of the allergen.

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