A Simple Recipe For Making Fir Oil

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A Simple Recipe For Making Fir Oil
A Simple Recipe For Making Fir Oil

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The beneficial properties of fir oil are known. Of course, this is one of the best remedies for abrasions and bruises. But not everyone knows that fir oil can be made by yourself.

Aromatic fir oil
Aromatic fir oil


  • - needles
  • - refined olive or sunflower oil
  • - liter bottle


Step 1

Needles are harvested throughout the year, but it has the greatest therapeutic effect in early spring, when the snow is melting. On the sunny side of the fir, the needles and buds are more juicy and need to be cut off. It is necessary to cut off the tops with a length of 7 cm together with the kidney.

Step 2

Rinse the needles with cold water, then shake off the water, and dry the branches on a clean cloth.

Step 3

Take a 1 liter bottle with a screw cap and fill it with pine needles, leaving 10 cm from the fermentation cap.

Step 4

Pour a bottle of needles with refined olive or sunflower oil, screw the cork back and put it in a dark place for infusion. Be sure to put a saucer under the bottle.

Step 5

The first days will ferment, and you need to monitor the bottle. If the oil level in the bottle rises, you need to unscrew the plug a little, release the air and screw it back on. Do this for the first days while fermentation is taking place. When the fermentation process is over, if the needles in the bottle are not completely covered with oil, you need to add it.

Step 6

After three months, the present fir oil is ready. Pour it into a bottle of smaller volume, squeeze the needles through cheesecloth. Mix the squeezed oil with the first one. One liter bottle yields 0.5 liters of green fir oil with a pleasant resinous spring scent of needles and buds.

Step 7

The oil can be stored at room temperature, but it is best to refrigerate for long-term storage.

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